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44th Parliament

2013-09-07 – 2016-05-09

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Party Groupings

  • Liberal Party

    73 seats

  • Australian Labor Party

    55 seats

  • National Party

    14 seats

  • Independent

    2 seats

  • Australian Greens

    1 seat

  • CWM

    1 seat

  • Country Liberal Party

    1 seat

  • Katter's Australian Party

    1 seat

  • Palmer United Party

    1 seat

  • SPK

    1 seat

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Tony Abbott

Liberal Party — Warringah

Gender male
Born 1957-11-04
Prefix The Honourable
openaustralia 10001
wikidata Q348577
aph EZ5
freebase /m/02pr80
viaf 4191840

Anthony Albanese

Australian Labor Party — Grayndler

Gender male
Born 1963-03-02
openaustralia 10007
wikidata Q335697
aph R36
freebase /m/02pr9v
viaf 92625366

John Alexander

Liberal Party — Bennelong

Gender male
Born 1951-07-04
openaustralia 10725
wikidata Q1281683
aph M3M
freebase /m/066rzr
viaf 288750435

Karen Andrews

Liberal Party — McPherson

Gender female
Born 1960-08-23
openaustralia 10745
wikidata Q6369482
aph 230886
freebase /m/0cz9j18

Kevin Andrews

Liberal Party — Menzies

Gender male
Born 1955-11-09
openaustralia 10014
wikidata Q6395733
aph HK5
freebase /m/02prcy
viaf 91234064

Bob Baldwin

Liberal Party — Paterson

Gender male
Born 1955-03-09
openaustralia 10026
wikidata Q4931731
aph LL6
freebase /m/02pz68
viaf 16695437

Adam Bandt

Australian Greens — Melbourne

Gender male
Born 1972-03-11
openaustralia 10734
wikidata Q4678672
aph M3C
freebase /m/04crl2d

Bruce Billson

Liberal Party — Dunkley

Gender male
Born 1966-01-26
openaustralia 10041
wikidata Q4977155
aph 1K6
freebase /m/02pz6z

Sharon Bird

Australian Labor Party — Cunningham

Gender female
Born 1962-11-15
openaustralia 10043
wikidata Q7489994
aph DZP
freebase /m/05j0c4

Bronwyn Bishop

Liberal Party — Mackellar (until 2013-11-12)

SPK — Mackellar (2013-11-12 to 2015-08-02)

Liberal Party — Mackellar (from 2015-08-02)

Gender female
Born 1942-10-19
openaustralia 10046
wikidata Q4974135
aph SE4
viaf 69741847
lcauth n95083353

Julie Bishop

Liberal Party — Curtin

Gender female
Born 1956-07-17
openaustralia 10047
wikidata Q434858
aph 83P
freebase /m/02pz7_
viaf 95123670

Chris Bowen

Australian Labor Party — McMahon

Gender male
Born 1973-01-17
openaustralia 10060
wikidata Q1077015
aph DZS
freebase /m/0430dg

Jamie Briggs

Liberal Party — Mayo

Gender male
Born 1977-06-09
openaustralia 10721
wikidata Q6146653
aph IYU

Andrew Broad

National Party — Mallee

Gender male
Born 1975-07-02
openaustralia 10803
wikidata Q16215193
aph 30379

Russell Broadbent

Liberal Party — McMillan

Gender male
Born 1950-12-25
openaustralia 10069
wikidata Q7381382
aph MT4

Gai Brodtmann

Australian Labor Party — Canberra

Gender female
Born 1963-11-24
openaustralia 10738
wikidata Q5516953
aph 30540
freebase /m/0crdjkv

Mal Brough

Liberal Party — Fisher

Gender male
Born 1961-12-29
openaustralia 10070
wikidata Q6740586
aph 2K6

Scott Buchholz

Liberal Party — Wright

Gender male
Born 1968-03-27
openaustralia 10752
wikidata Q7436060
aph 230531
freebase /m/0czcsy8

Anna Burke

Australian Labor Party — Chisholm

Gender female
Born 1966-01-01
openaustralia 10080
wikidata Q4766888
aph 83S
freebase /m/02py_r

Tony Burke

Australian Labor Party — Watson

Gender male
Born 1969-11-04
openaustralia 10081
wikidata Q1449483
aph DYW
freebase /m/0430mm

Mark Butler

Australian Labor Party — Port Adelaide

Gender male
Born 1970-07-08
openaustralia 10086
wikidata Q6766947
aph HWK
viaf 91742427
lcauth n2015054967

Terri Butler

Australian Labor Party — Griffith (from 2014-02-08)

Gender female
Born 1977-11-28
openaustralia 10825
wikidata Q16216498
aph 248006
freebase /m/0_qlbg5

Anthony Byrne

Australian Labor Party — Holt

Gender male
Born 1962-12-01
openaustralia 10088
wikidata Q4772190
aph 008K0

Jim Chalmers

Australian Labor Party — Rankin

Gender male
Born 1978-03-02
openaustralia 10809
wikidata Q16217223
aph 37998

Nick Champion

Australian Labor Party — Wakefield

Gender male
Born 1972-02-27
openaustralia 10111
wikidata Q7026894
aph HW9
freebase /m/02qtq7h

Darren Chester

National Party — Gippsland

Gender male
Born 1967-09-13
openaustralia 10703
wikidata Q5224839
aph IPZ
freebase /m/04cr1rh

Lisa Chesters

Australian Labor Party — Bendigo

Gender female
Born 1980-02-11
openaustralia 10787
wikidata Q16727986
aph 249710
freebase /m/0xnyk6s

George Christensen

National Party — Dawson

Gender male
Born 1978-06-30
openaustralia 10726
wikidata Q5537893
aph 230485
freebase /m/0crh5b0

Steven Ciobo

Liberal Party — Moncrieff

Gender male
Born 1974-05-29
openaustralia 10122
wikidata Q7614564
aph 00AN0

Jason Clare

Australian Labor Party — Blaxland

Gender male
Born 1972-03-22
openaustralia 10123
wikidata Q6162219
aph HWL

Sharon Claydon

Australian Labor Party — Newcastle

Gender female
Born 1964-04-26
openaustralia 10805
wikidata Q16195468
aph 248181

John Cobb

National Party — Calare

Gender male
Born 1950-02-11
openaustralia 10127
wikidata Q6226446
aph 00AN1

David Coleman

Liberal Party — Banks

Gender male
Born 1974-03-05
openaustralia 10783
wikidata Q16214788
aph 241067

Julie Collins

Australian Labor Party — Franklin

Gender female
Born 1971-07-03
openaustralia 10136
wikidata Q6308091
aph HWM
freebase /m/03d7qjx

Pat Conroy

Australian Labor Party — Charlton

Gender male
Born 1979-05-10
openaustralia 10813
wikidata Q16218414
aph 249127

Mark Coulton

National Party — Parkes

Gender male
Born 1958-02-03
openaustralia 10152
wikidata Q6767168
aph HWN

Michael Danby

Australian Labor Party — Melbourne Ports

Gender male
Born 1955-02-16
openaustralia 10165
wikidata Q6829697
aph WF6

Mark Dreyfus

Australian Labor Party — Isaacs

Gender male
Born 1956-10-03
openaustralia 10181
wikidata Q6767411
aph HWG

Peter Dutton

Liberal Party — Dickson

Gender male
Born 1970-11-18
openaustralia 10188
wikidata Q7173778
aph 00AKI
freebase /m/02q0d7

Justine Elliot

Australian Labor Party — Richmond

Gender female
Born 1967-07-29
openaustralia 10195
wikidata Q6318352
aph DZW

Kate Ellis

Australian Labor Party — Adelaide

Gender female
Born 1977-09-22
openaustralia 10198
wikidata Q4354268
aph DZU
freebase /m/0437ly

Warren Entsch

Liberal Party — Leichhardt

Gender male
Born 1950-05-31
openaustralia 10203
wikidata Q7970178
aph 7K6
snac w6hf2gcf

David Feeney

Australian Labor Party — Batman

Gender male
Born 1970-03-05
openaustralia 10709
wikidata Q16213376
aph I0O
freebase /m/0bwtrh

Laurie Ferguson

Australian Labor Party — Werriwa

Gender male
Born 1952-07-07
openaustralia 10217
wikidata Q6501571
aph 8T4

Joel Fitzgibbon

Australian Labor Party — Hunter

Gender male
Born 1962-01-16
openaustralia 10230
wikidata Q3180236
aph 8K6
freebase /m/02qn62

Paul Fletcher

Liberal Party — Bradfield

Gender male
Born 1965-01-16
openaustralia 10723
wikidata Q7150671
aph L6B
viaf 101511432
lcauth no2009163202

Josh Frydenberg

Liberal Party — Kooyong

Gender male
Born 1971-07-17
openaustralia 10741
wikidata Q6288876
aph FKL
freebase /m/0c4_gg

Teresa Gambaro

Liberal Party — Brisbane

Gender female
Born 1958-11-29
openaustralia 10239
wikidata Q7702141
aph 9K6

Andrew Giles

Australian Labor Party — Scullin

Gender male
Born 1973-07-31
openaustralia 10812
wikidata Q16214422
aph 243609

David Gillespie

National Party — Lyne

Gender male
Born 1957-12-20
openaustralia 10801
wikidata Q16189272
aph 72184
freebase /m/0x0dvnq
viaf 56655192

Ian Goodenough

Liberal Party — Moore

Gender male
Born 1975-07-03
openaustralia 10804
wikidata Q16215281
aph 74046

Gary Gray

Australian Labor Party — Brand

Gender male
Born 1958-04-30
openaustralia 10264
wikidata Q5525157
aph 8W5
lcauth no2017053514

Alan Griffin

Australian Labor Party — Bruce

Gender male
Born 1960-02-23
openaustralia 10267
wikidata Q4706771
aph VU5
freebase /m/02qnxw

Natasha Griggs

Country Liberal Party — Solomon

Gender female
Born 1969-01-24
openaustralia 10736
wikidata Q16207753
aph 220370
freebase /m/0crhmsx

Jill Hall

Australian Labor Party — Shortland

Gender female
Born 1949-11-16
openaustralia 10275
wikidata Q6192858
aph 83N
viaf 305131576

Luke Hartsuyker

National Party — Cowper

Gender male
Born 1959-04-28
openaustralia 10285
wikidata Q6702024
aph 00AMM

Andrew Hastie

Liberal Party — Canning (from 2015-09-19)

Gender male
Born 1982-09-30
openaustralia 10843
wikidata Q21066082
aph 260805

Alex Hawke

Liberal Party — Mitchell

Gender male
Born 1977-07-09
openaustralia 10290
wikidata Q4717151
aph HWO

Chris Hayes

Australian Labor Party — Fowler

Gender male
Born 1955-07-17
openaustralia 10294
wikidata Q5106836
aph ECV
freebase /m/05hdv8
viaf 305131574

Sarah Henderson

Liberal Party — Corangamite

Gender female
Born 1964-04-04
openaustralia 10790
wikidata Q7422387
aph ZN4
snac w66g1wfg

Peter Hendy

Liberal Party — Eden-Monaro

Gender male
Born 1962-01-10
openaustralia 10793
wikidata Q7177723
aph 00BCM

Joe Hockey

Liberal Party — North Sydney (until 2015-10-23)

Gender male
Born 1965-08-02
openaustralia 10306
wikidata Q6210353
aph DK6
freebase /m/02qp9s
viaf 310665026

Kevin Hogan

National Party — Page

Gender male
Born 1963-08-11
openaustralia 10806
wikidata Q16195119
aph 218019

Luke Howarth

Liberal Party — Petrie

Gender male
Born 1972-06-06
openaustralia 10808
wikidata Q16729935
aph 247742

Greg Hunt

Liberal Party — Flinders

Gender male
Born 1965-11-18
openaustralia 10319
wikidata Q5605742
aph 00AMV
freebase /m/02qzkc

Ed Husic

Australian Labor Party — Chifley

Gender male
Born 1970-02-03
openaustralia 10749
wikidata Q5334974
aph 91219
freebase /m/0cp0p37

Eric Hutchinson

Liberal Party — Lyons

Gender male
Born 1965-06-19
openaustralia 10802
wikidata Q16730000
aph 212585
freebase /m/0x11hb1

Steve Irons

Liberal Party — Swan

Gender male
Born 1958-09-01
openaustralia 10326
wikidata Q16192767
aph HYM
freebase /m/03gtffy

Dennis Jensen

Liberal Party — Tangney

Gender male
Born 1962-02-28
openaustralia 10337
wikidata Q5258570
aph DYN
freebase /m/044_fm

Ewen Jones

Liberal Party — Herbert

Gender male
Born 1960-03-07
openaustralia 10744
wikidata Q5418982
aph 96430

Stephen Jones

Australian Labor Party — Throsby

Gender male
Born 1965-06-29
openaustralia 10740
wikidata Q7609616
aph A9B
freebase /m/0crhy3d

Barnaby Joyce

National Party — New England

Gender male
Born 1967-04-17
openaustralia 10350
wikidata Q4861362
aph E5D

Bob Katter

Katter's Australian Party — Kennedy

Gender male
Born 1945-05-22
openaustralia 10352
wikidata Q4932983
aph HX4
viaf 294893813
lcauth nb2013010788

Michael Keenan

Liberal Party — Stirling

Gender male
Born 1972-03-19
openaustralia 10356
wikidata Q6831813
aph E0J

Craig Kelly

Liberal Party — Hughes

Gender male
Born 1963-09-29
openaustralia 10750
wikidata Q5181115
aph 99931

Catherine King

Australian Labor Party — Ballarat

Gender female
Born 1966-06-02
openaustralia 10368
wikidata Q5052776
aph 00AMR

Andrew Laming

Liberal Party — Bowman

Gender male
Born 1966-09-30
openaustralia 10377
wikidata Q4757684
aph E0H

Michelle Landry

National Party — Capricornia

Gender female
Born 1962-10-15
openaustralia 10789
wikidata Q16194644
aph 249764

Craig Laundy

Liberal Party — Reid

Gender male
Born 1971-02-16
openaustralia 10810
wikidata Q16213600
aph 247130
freebase /m/0x0dvl1

Andrew Leigh

Australian Labor Party — Fraser

Gender male
Born 1972-08-03
openaustralia 10746
wikidata Q4757734
aph BU8
freebase /m/0275fpk
viaf 103138777

Sussan Ley

Liberal Party — Farrer

Gender female
Born 1961-12-14
openaustralia 10387
wikidata Q7649377
aph 00AMN

Ian Macfarlane

Liberal Party — Groom

Gender male
Born 1955-04-05
openaustralia 10403
wikidata Q5982149
aph WN6

Jenny Macklin

Australian Labor Party — Jagajaga

Gender female
Born 1953-12-29
openaustralia 10409
wikidata Q434649
aph PG6

Alannah Mactiernan

Australian Labor Party — Perth

Gender female
Born 1953-01-10
openaustralia 10807
wikidata Q4708273
aph L6P

Nola Marino

Liberal Party — Forrest

Gender female
Born 1954-02-18
openaustralia 10416
wikidata Q7048144
aph HWP
freebase /m/03gtfg8

Louise Markus

Liberal Party — Macquarie

Gender female
Born 1958-09-06
openaustralia 10417
wikidata Q6688848
aph E07

Richard Marles

Australian Labor Party — Corio

Gender male
Born 1967-07-13
openaustralia 10418
wikidata Q7327642
aph HWQ
freebase /m/0b_htj

Russell Matheson

Liberal Party — Macarthur

Gender male
Born 1958-12-16
openaustralia 10739
wikidata Q7381673
aph M2V

Michael McCormack

National Party — Riverina

Gender male
Born 1964-08-02
openaustralia 10743
wikidata Q6832641
aph 219646

Cathy McGowan

Independent — Indi

Gender female
Born 1953-11-29
openaustralia 10798
wikidata Q16185462
aph 123674
viaf 273305801

Karen McNamara

Liberal Party — Dobell

Gender female
Born 1964-04-23
openaustralia 10792
wikidata Q16195680
aph 241589

Rob Mitchell

Australian Labor Party — McEwen

Gender male
Born 1967-09-09
openaustralia 10733
wikidata Q7340383
aph M3E

Scott Morrison

Liberal Party — Cook

Gender male
Born 1968-05-13
openaustralia 10468
wikidata Q7436908
aph E3L
freebase /m/03d67gq
viaf 3016153596631951900001

Shayne Neumann

Australian Labor Party — Blair

Gender male
Born 1961-08-26
openaustralia 10485
wikidata Q7491712
aph HVO

Andrew Nikolic

Liberal Party — Bass

Gender male
Born 1961-06-20
openaustralia 10786
wikidata Q4758125
aph 137174
freebase /m/03gtfwb

Brendan O'Connor

Australian Labor Party — Gorton

Gender male
Born 1962-03-02
openaustralia 10496
wikidata Q4961047
aph 00AN3

Ken O'Dowd

National Party — Flynn

Gender male
Born 1950-06-30
openaustralia 10728
wikidata Q6388253
aph 139441

Kelly O'Dwyer

Liberal Party — Higgins

Gender female
Born 1977-03-31
openaustralia 10724
wikidata Q6386229
aph LKU
freebase /m/09gnwtf

Clare O'Neil

Australian Labor Party — Hotham

Gender female
Born 1980-09-12
openaustralia 10814
wikidata Q5126228
aph 140590

Julie Owens

Australian Labor Party — Parramatta

Gender female
Born 1958-10-17
openaustralia 10503
wikidata Q6308446
aph E09

Clive Palmer

Palmer United Party — Fairfax

Gender male
Born 1954-03-26
openaustralia 10823
wikidata Q550879
aph LQR
freebase /m/07kdvrf
quora Clive-Palmer-2

Melissa Parke

Australian Labor Party — Fremantle

Gender female
Born 1966-08-11
openaustralia 10506
wikidata Q16196641
aph HWR
freebase /m/02q5ych

Tony Pasin

Liberal Party — Barker

Gender male
Born 1977-10-01
openaustralia 10784
wikidata Q16216713
aph 240756

Graham Perrett

Australian Labor Party — Moreton

Gender male
Born 1966-01-05
openaustralia 10512
wikidata Q5593142
aph HVP
viaf 102973577
lcauth nb2009029022

Keith Pitt

National Party — Hinkler

Gender male
Born 1969-08-31
openaustralia 10797
wikidata Q16206609
aph 148150

Tanya Plibersek

Australian Labor Party — Sydney

Gender female
Born 1969-12-02
openaustralia 10513
wikidata Q7684036
aph 83M
freebase /m/02tcpq
viaf 151148389515710712714

Christian Porter

Liberal Party — Pearce

Gender male
Born 1970-07-11
openaustralia 10815
wikidata Q5110039
aph 208884
freebase /m/047llsh

Jane Prentice

Liberal Party — Ryan

Gender female
Born 1953-06-22
openaustralia 10753
wikidata Q6152639
aph 217266

Melissa Price

Liberal Party — Durack

Gender female
Born 1963-12-12
openaustralia 10818
wikidata Q16195275
aph 249308
freebase /m/0y5368z

Christopher Pyne

Liberal Party — Sturt

Gender male
Born 1967-08-13
openaustralia 10524
wikidata Q978276
aph 9V5
freebase /m/02td0f
viaf 94987122

Rowan Ramsey

Liberal Party — Grey

Gender male
Born 1956-08-04
openaustralia 10529
wikidata Q7371808
aph HWS

Don Randall

Liberal Party — Canning (until 2015-07-21)

Gender male
Born 1953-05-02
Died 2015-07-21
openaustralia 10530
wikidata Q5293376
aph PK6

Bernie Ripoll

Australian Labor Party — Oxley

Gender male
Born 1966-01-06
openaustralia 10542
wikidata Q4894478
aph 83E

Amanda Rishworth

Australian Labor Party — Kingston

Gender female
Born 1978-07-10
openaustralia 10543
wikidata Q4739745
aph HWA

Andrew Robb

Liberal Party — Goldstein

Gender male
Born 1951-08-20
openaustralia 10544
wikidata Q4758396
aph FU4
viaf 249566121
lcauth nb2012012407

Stuart Robert

Liberal Party — Fadden

Gender male
Born 1970-12-11
openaustralia 10545
wikidata Q7627022
aph HWT

Michelle Rowland

Australian Labor Party — Greenway

Gender female
Born 1971-11-16
openaustralia 10751
wikidata Q6837228
aph 159771

Wyatt Roy

Liberal Party — Longman

Gender male
Born 1990-05-22
openaustralia 10732
wikidata Q8039514
aph M2X

Kevin Rudd

Australian Labor Party — Griffith (until 2013-11-22)

Gender male
Born 1957-09-21
openaustralia 10552
wikidata Q43135
freebase /m/021l9k
viaf 120090277
lcauth n2007057612

Philip Ruddock

Liberal Party — Berowra

Gender male
Born 1943-03-12
openaustralia 10553
wikidata Q3379071
aph 0J4
viaf 36027007

Joanne Ryan

Australian Labor Party — Lalor

Gender female
Born 1961-07-29
openaustralia 10799
wikidata Q16194303
aph 249224
freebase /m/0x13hm2

Bruce Scott

CWM — Maranoa

Gender male
Born 1943-10-20
openaustralia 10565
wikidata Q4978267
aph YT4

Fiona Scott

Liberal Party — Lindsay

Gender female
Born 1977-03-01
openaustralia 10800
wikidata Q16216756
aph 165476

Bill Shorten

Australian Labor Party — Maribyrnong

Gender male
Born 1967-05-12
openaustralia 10580
wikidata Q4910865
aph 00ATG
freebase /m/07630d
viaf 21146937804913832213

Luke Simpkins

Liberal Party — Cowan

Gender male
Born 1964-06-08
openaustralia 10588
wikidata Q6702345
aph HWE
freebase /m/03gtffl

Tony Smith

Liberal Party — Casey (until 2015-08-10)

SPK — Casey (from 2015-08-10)

Gender male
Born 1967-03-13
openaustralia 10592
wikidata Q16197257
aph 00APG

Warren Snowdon

Australian Labor Party — Lingiari

Gender male
Born 1950-03-30
openaustralia 10599
wikidata Q7970485
aph IJ4
freebase /m/02vz31
viaf 60590858

Andrew Southcott

Liberal Party — Boothby

Gender male
Born 1967-10-15
openaustralia 10601
wikidata Q4758616
aph TK6

Sharman Stone

Liberal Party — Murray

Gender female
Born 1951-04-23
openaustralia 10612
wikidata Q7489916
aph EM6

Ann Sudmalis

Liberal Party — Gilmore

Gender female
Born 1955-09-16
openaustralia 10795
wikidata Q16186916
aph 241586

Michael Sukkar

Liberal Party — Deakin

Gender male
Born 1981-09-11
openaustralia 10791
wikidata Q16221628
aph 242515

Wayne Swan

Australian Labor Party — Lilley

Gender male
Born 1954-06-30
openaustralia 10617
wikidata Q1236571
aph 2V5
freebase /m/02vzl6
viaf 65882688

Angus Taylor

Liberal Party — Hume

Gender male
Born 1966-09-30
openaustralia 10817
wikidata Q16196728
aph 231027

Dan Tehan

Liberal Party — Wannon

Gender male
Born 1968-01-27
openaustralia 10742
wikidata Q5214486
aph 210911

Matt Thistlethwaite

Australian Labor Party — Kingsford Smith

Gender male
Born 1972-09-06
openaustralia 10762
wikidata Q6789423
aph 182468
freebase /m/0dddv8_

Kelvin Thomson

Australian Labor Party — Wills

Gender male
Born 1955-05-01
openaustralia 10632
wikidata Q18907740
aph UK6

Warren Truss

National Party — Wide Bay

Gender male
Born 1948-10-08
openaustralia 10641
wikidata Q591604
aph GT4
freebase /m/02y2nr
britannica biography/Warren-Truss

Alan Tudge

Liberal Party — Aston

Gender male
Born 1971-02-24
openaustralia 10748
wikidata Q4707935
aph M2Y

Malcolm Turnbull

Liberal Party — Wentworth

Gender male
Born 1954-10-24
openaustralia 10643
wikidata Q927550
aph 885
freebase /m/01tpld
viaf 1553625

Maria Vamvakinou

Australian Labor Party — Calwell

Gender female
Born 1959-01-04
openaustralia 10649
wikidata Q6761645
aph 00AMT

Bert Van Manen

Liberal Party — Forde

Gender male
Born 1965-03-24
openaustralia 10729
wikidata Q4895353
aph 188315

Nickolas Varvaris

Liberal Party — Barton

Gender male
Born 1974-05-25
openaustralia 10785
wikidata Q16198166
aph 250077

Ross Vasta

Liberal Party — Bonner

Gender male
Born 1966-10-08
openaustralia 10651
wikidata Q7369690
aph E0D

Tim Watts

Australian Labor Party — Gellibrand

Gender male
Born 1982-06-08
openaustralia 10794
wikidata Q16222127
aph 193430
freebase /m/0xp3cdt
viaf 16145003598961340304

Brett Whiteley

Liberal Party — Braddon

Gender male
Born 1960-07-01
openaustralia 10788
wikidata Q4962429
aph 207800
freebase /m/042dkp

Lucy Wicks

Liberal Party — Robertson

Gender female
Born 1973-01-01
openaustralia 10811
wikidata Q16751614
aph 241590
freebase /m/0x287mn

Andrew Wilkie

Independent — Denison

Gender male
Born 1961-11-08
openaustralia 10727
wikidata Q4758919
aph C2T
freebase /m/033n7x
viaf 59036331

Matt Williams

Liberal Party — Hindmarsh

Gender male
Born 1973-03-28
openaustralia 10796
wikidata Q16214685
aph 249758

Rick Wilson

Liberal Party — O'Connor

Gender male
Born 1966-01-02
openaustralia 10816
wikidata Q16196773
aph 198084
freebase /m/0x2hsjm

Jason Wood

Liberal Party — La Trobe

Gender male
Born 1968-05-24
openaustralia 10679
wikidata Q6163809
aph E0F

Ken Wyatt

Liberal Party — Hasluck

Gender male
Born 1952-08-04
openaustralia 10730
wikidata Q3195101
aph M3A
freebase /m/0crj7k4
britannica biography/Ken-Wyatt

Tony Zappia

Australian Labor Party — Makin

Gender male
Born 1952-06-13
openaustralia 10695
wikidata Q7823721
aph HWB

Trent Zimmerman

Liberal Party — North Sydney (from 2015-12-05)

Gender male
Born 1968-10-15
openaustralia 10844
wikidata Q21680762
aph 203092

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country ='Australia')
house = country.legislature('Representatives')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/44').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

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