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Party Groupings

  • United Democratic Party

    19 seats

  • People's United Party

    12 seats

  • unknown

    1 seat

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Angel Campos

United Democratic Party — Corozal South West

Gender male

Anthony Martinez

United Democratic Party — Port Loyola

Gender male
wikidata Q4773030

Beverly Williams

United Democratic Party — Belize Rural Central

Gender female

Cordel Hyde

People's United Party — Lake Independence

Gender male

Dean Oliver Barrow

United Democratic Party — Queen's Square

Gender male
Born 1951-03-02
wikidata Q57701
freebase /m/08fq2h
britannica biography/Dean-Barrow
gnd 1021420417
isni 0000 0003 6980 1829

Edmond George Castro

United Democratic Party — Belize Rural North

Gender male
wikidata Q5338849

Elodio Aragon Jr.

United Democratic Party — Orange Walk East

Gender male

Erwin Rafael Contreras

United Democratic Party — Cayo West

Gender male
Born 1966-07-09
wikidata Q5396111

Florencio Julian Marin Jr.

People's United Party — Corozal South East

Gender male

Francis Fonseca

People's United Party — Freetown

Gender male
Born 1967-03-11
wikidata Q5480967

Frank Mena

United Democratic Party — Dangriga

Gender male

Gaspar Vega

United Democratic Party — Orange Walk North

Gender male
wikidata Q5526559

Hugo Amilcar Patt

United Democratic Party — Corozal North

Gender male

John Briceño

People's United Party — Orange Walk Central

Gender male
Born 1960
wikidata Q6266369

John Saldivar

United Democratic Party — Belmopan

Gender male
wikidata Q6256510

Jose Abelardo Mai

People's United Party — Orange Walk South

Gender male

Jose Manuel Heredia Jr.

United Democratic Party — Belize Rural South

Gender male

Julius Espat

People's United Party — Cayo South

Gender male

Kareem Musa

People's United Party — Caribbean Shores

Gender male

Michael Joseph Espat

People's United Party — Toledo East

Gender male

Michael Kwame Finnegan

United Democratic Party — Mesopotamia

Gender male
Born 1951
wikidata Q6830297

Mrs. Laura Tucker-Longsworth


Gender female

Omar Figueroa

United Democratic Party — Cayo North

Gender male

Orlando Habet

People's United Party — Cayo North East

Gender male

Oscar Requena

People's United Party — Toledo West

Gender male

Pablo Marin

United Democratic Party — Corozal Bay

Gender male
wikidata Q7121680

Patrick Faber

United Democratic Party — Collet

Gender male
Born 1978-03-21
wikidata Q7146470

Rene Montero

United Democratic Party — Cayo Central

Gender male
wikidata Q7312920

Rodwell Stephen Ferguson Sr.

People's United Party — Stann Creek West

Gender male

Said Wilbert Musa

People's United Party — Fort George

Gender male
Born 1944-03-19
wikidata Q335215
freebase /m/01fvk_
britannica biography/Said-Musa
gnd 130250414
isni 0000 0001 2037 9909

Tracy Taegar-Panton

United Democratic Party — Albert

Gender female

Wilfred Peter Elrington

United Democratic Party — Pickstock

Gender male
wikidata Q58325
freebase /m/05zzfxn

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require 'everypolitician'
country = Everypolitician::Index.new.country('Belize')
house = country.legislature('Representatives')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/2015').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{membership.person.name} (#{membership.party.name}): #{membership.person.gender}"

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Main Sources: http://nationalassembly.gov.bz/, http://wikidata.org/, http://gender-balance.org/

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