Knesset 10

1981-07-20 – 1984-08-13

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Party Groupings

  • Alignment

    49 seats

  • Likud

    46 seats

  • National Religious Party

    5 seats

  • Agudat Yisrael

    4 seats

  • Hadash

    4 seats

  • Movement for the Heritage of Israel

    3 seats

  • Tehiya

    3 seats

  • Shinui - Center Party

    2 seats

  • Civil Rights Movement

    1 seat

  • Movement for the Renewal of Social Zionism

    1 seat

  • Rafi

    1 seat

  • Single MK - Haim Druckman

    1 seat

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Abba Eban


Gender male
Born 1915-02-02
Died 2002-11-17
wikidata Q305776
freebase /m/01341q
viaf 99342932
nli 000041959
lcauth n79089760

Abraham Hirchson

Likud (from 1983-06-19)

Gender male
Born 1941-02-11
wikidata Q547800
freebase /m/0cf7fv

Abraham Melamed

National Religious Party

Gender male
Born 1921-10-07
Died 2005-12-12
wikidata Q2777542
freebase /m/080jnrj

Adiel Amorai


Gender male
Born 1934-02-17
wikidata Q2904549
freebase /m/0808tfz
viaf 48922994
nli 000329864
lcauth no2003085499

Aharon Abuhatssira

Movement for the Heritage of Israel

Gender male
Born 1938-10-28
wikidata Q2910680
freebase /m/04jksxh
viaf 308255822
nli 001402246

Aharon Harel


Gender male
Born 1932-04-13
Died 2000-12-13
wikidata Q2908970
freebase /m/0b6fjvj
viaf 19958275
nli 000286049
lcauth no2002106516

Aharon Nahmias


Gender male
Born 1932-06-10
Died 1998-11-08
wikidata Q2900503
viaf 97302749
nli 000197137

Aharon Uzan

Movement for the Heritage of Israel

Gender male
Born 1924-11-01
Died 2007-01-23
wikidata Q2906629
freebase /m/04j9r3h
viaf 34345813
lcauth nr95014780
fast 354817

Akiva Nof


Gender male
Born 1936-12-02
wikidata Q2911436
freebase /m/09gdygh
viaf 97500409
nli 000264879
musicbrainz 7aef9197-6547-4dae-872c-b28f9a1590af

Amal Nasereldeen


Gender male
Born 1928-07-31
wikidata Q2776502
freebase /m/09k77dk
viaf 61505795
nli 000320871
lcauth nr2006006567

Amnon Linn


Gender male
Born 1924-03-20
Died 2016-07-21
wikidata Q2909741
viaf 21777771
nli 000250958
lcauth no99042275
fast 434669

Amnon Rubinstein

Shinui - Center Party

Gender male
Born 1931-09-05
wikidata Q2890919
freebase /m/03cwsd
viaf 108827713
nli 000114441
lcauth n83014044

Ariel Sharon


Gender male
Born 1928-02-26
Died 2014-01-11
wikidata Q60206
freebase /m/012bk
viaf 66507956
nli 000121212
lcauth n85022373

Ariel Weinstein

Likud (from 1982-10-18)

Gender male
Born 1932-05-02
Died 1996-03-10
wikidata Q2900496
freebase /m/0b6fh90

Arye Nehemkin


Gender male
Born 1925-11-02
wikidata Q2905257
freebase /m/04jb9vs

Avraham Katz-Oz


Gender male
Born 1934-12-07
wikidata Q2908982

Avraham Sharir


Gender male
Born 1932-12-23
Died 2017-03-24
wikidata Q434978
freebase /m/04cqxsb
viaf 97284689

Avraham Yosef Schapira

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1921-03-02
Died 2000-06-26
wikidata Q2778243
freebase /m/0b6c_cg
viaf 40967529
nli 000267647

Ben-Zion Rubin

Movement for the Heritage of Israel

Gender male
Born 1939-01-06
wikidata Q2901540

Benny Shalita


Gender male
Born 1934-11-13
wikidata Q2902244

Chaim Herzog

Alignment (until 1983-03-22)

Gender male
Born 1918-09-17
Died 1997-04-17
wikidata Q295141
freebase /m/01_wb6
viaf 108288485
nli 000062760
lcauth n50038209

Charlie Bitton


Gender male
Born 1947-04-11
wikidata Q2776774
freebase /m/09rsr49

Dan Tichon


Gender male
Born 1937-01-05
wikidata Q983154
freebase /m/08202x

Daniel Rosolio

Alignment (until 1983-05-16)

Gender male
Born 1927-05-06
Died 2005-10-14
wikidata Q2900128
viaf 2709083
nli 000113615
isni 0000 0000 6656 1928
bnf 14543684n

David Levy


Gender male
Born 1937-12-21
wikidata Q1175220
freebase /m/04mn6b
viaf 97236842
nli 000179133
lcauth n84079524

David Magen (Monsonego)


Gender male
Born 1945-09-04
wikidata Q2907544
freebase /m/04n2qcy
viaf 255646184
nli 000563225

David Shiffman

Likud (until 1982-10-18)

Gender male
Born 1923-04-14
Died 1982-10-18
wikidata Q2976067
freebase /m/0b6h8ln

Dov Ben-Meir


Gender male
Born 1927-08-11
wikidata Q2902064
freebase /m/0b6m3wy
viaf 14657176
nli 000017784
lcauth n81043020

Dov Shilansky


Gender male
Born 1924-03-21
Died 2010-12-09
wikidata Q573858
freebase /m/09tgdd
viaf 97360149
nli 000462984
lcauth n84141423

Dov Zakin


Gender male
Born 1922
Died 1986-09-04
wikidata Q2902343

Dror Zeigerman


Gender male
Born 1948-05-15
wikidata Q167501
freebase /m/0b6fnrm
viaf 238835093
nli 000379203
bnf 16966415c

Edna Solodar

Alignment (from 1982-01-16)

Gender female
Born 1930-03-15
wikidata Q2904395
freebase /m/0b6p2y1

Ehud Olmert


Gender male
Born 1945-09-30
wikidata Q93181
freebase /m/03gvq8
viaf 7155287
lcauth no2006118469
fast 1659354

Eitan Livni


Gender male
Born 1919
Died 1991-12-27
wikidata Q2447659
freebase /m/03nnpb7
viaf 26134470
nli 000295489
lcauth n87910295

Elazar Granot


Gender male
Born 1927-03-12
Died 2013-09-19
wikidata Q2902957
freebase /m/03hlhq4
viaf 86352209
nli 001433230
bnf 16909968t

Eliahu Ben Elissar


Gender male
Born 1932-08-02
Died 2000-08-12
wikidata Q1328935
freebase /m/026_9x9
viaf 28456299
nli 000017742
lcauth n83201428

Eliahu Speiser


Gender male
Born 1930-03-23
Died 2009-11-12
wikidata Q1328923
freebase /m/09rxx_s
viaf 306079746
lcauth n88232294

Eliezer Avtabi

National Religious Party

Gender male
Born 1938
wikidata Q47991
freebase /m/09gk167

Eliezer Kulas


Gender male
Born 1944-08-29
wikidata Q2901738

Eliezer Shostak


Gender male
Born 1911-12-16
Died 2001-08-20
wikidata Q2334832
freebase /m/04jm0t5
viaf 247443909
nli 000387067

Emry Ron


Gender male
Born 1936-09-09
Died 2013-11-09
wikidata Q2909032
viaf 308266377
nli 001442409

Gad Yaacobi


Gender male
Born 1935-01-18
Died 2007-08-27
wikidata Q612860
freebase /m/02z5pw_
viaf 78784940
nli 000143816
lcauth n82004279

Geula Cohen


Gender female
Born 1925-12-25
wikidata Q2889981
freebase /m/09vh2s
viaf 13107804
nli 000032920
lcauth no91014377

Gideon Patt


Gender male
Born 1933-02-22
wikidata Q2906997
freebase /m/04jcwcy
viaf 315535499
nli 001722599

Haim Bar-Lev


Gender male
Born 1924-11-16
Died 1994-05-07
wikidata Q467150
freebase /m/04mtvb
viaf 47645997
nli 000536249
lcauth n98111056

Haim Corfo


Gender male
Born 1921-01-06
Died 2015-02-23
wikidata Q2906138
freebase /m/0479n55
viaf 315535518
nli 001730467

Haim Kaufman


Gender male
Born 1934-12-12
Died 1995-08-07
wikidata Q2904671
viaf 298387614
nli 000192443

Haim Meir Druckman

Single MK - Haim Druckman

Gender male
Born 1932-11-15
wikidata Q2915616
freebase /m/02v_10l
viaf 34317358
nli 000631755
bnf 16981827p

Haim Ramon

Alignment (from 1983-05-16)

Gender male
Born 1950-04-10
wikidata Q652581
freebase /m/08t2rl
viaf 14366691
nli 001460660
lcauth no96053046

Hamad Khalaily


Gender male
Born 1928
Died 2014-05-13
wikidata Q2900165
freebase /m/0b6mgnm

Hanan Porat

Tehiya (until 1984-03-07)

Gender male
Born 1943-12-12
Died 2011-10-04
wikidata Q263543
freebase /m/051zv7_
viaf 79491119
nli 000273637
lcauth n87920920

Igael Hurvitz

Rafi (from 1981-10-16)

Gender male
Born 1918
Died 1994-01-10
wikidata Q434182
freebase /m/04jq1np
viaf 311119639
nli 001684134

Isaac Seyger


Gender male
Born 1936-02-22
Died 1985-02-05
wikidata Q2900629

Jacques Amir


Gender male
Born 1933-03-15
Died 2011-03-31
wikidata Q2919932
freebase /m/09k516h
viaf 299249698
nli 000165342

Jerucham Meshel


Gender male
Born 1912-11-24
Died 2002-11-27
wikidata Q2909329
viaf 26234893
nli 000092551
lcauth n91007161
fast 280710

Josef Rom


Gender male
Born 1932-09-02
Died 1997-11-19
wikidata Q2901936
freebase /m/09v4rnv
viaf 74515048
nli 000112760
isni 0000 0001 0916 4691

Meir Cohen-Avidov


Gender male
Born 1926-02-18
Died 2015-03-04
wikidata Q2901616

Meir Sheetrit


Gender male
Born 1948-10-10
wikidata Q939899
freebase /m/09d06q
viaf 103417206
nli 000198651
lcauth nr94016031

Meir Vilner


Gender male
Born 1918-10-23
Died 2003-06-06
wikidata Q1376050
freebase /m/09tjpr
viaf 63047813
nli 000383384
lcauth n86849025

Menachem Begin


Gender male
Born 1913-08-16
Died 1992-03-09
wikidata Q130873
freebase /m/056xs
viaf 109383777
nli 000017260
lcauth n79085130

Menachem Hacohen


Gender male
Born 1932-07-26
wikidata Q2778248
freebase /m/09gm22g
viaf 67838336
nli 000058658
lcauth n83056101

Menachem Savidor


Gender male
Born 1917-08-20
Died 1988-11-02
wikidata Q983248
freebase /m/09rx01g

Menahem Porush

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1916-04-02
Died 2010-02-22
wikidata Q605443
freebase /m/063_2m_
viaf 22321624
nli 000223806
lcauth no99030535

Michael Bar-Zohar


Gender male
Born 1938-01-30
wikidata Q971962
freebase /m/07z633
viaf 120724771
nli 000015226
lcauth n79091247

Michael Dekel


Gender male
Born 1920-08-01
Died 1994-09-20
wikidata Q2904183
freebase /m/09v6l64

Michael Harish


Gender male
Born 1936-11-28
wikidata Q2778335
freebase /m/04lg94y

Michael Kleiner

Likud (from 1982-01-19)

Gender male
Born 1948-04-04
wikidata Q2037896
freebase /m/081_wt

Michael Reisser


Gender male
Born 1946-04-26
Died 1988-10-27
wikidata Q2907100

Miriam Glazer-Taasa


Gender female
Born 1929-08-11
wikidata Q2908223
freebase /m/09v4200

Mordechai Ben-Porat

Movement for the Renewal of Social Zionism

Gender male
Born 1923-09-12
wikidata Q2911774
viaf 37758110
nli 000017804
lcauth nr97005515
fast 387763

Mordechai Gur


Gender male
Born 1930-05-06
Died 1995-07-16
wikidata Q1335169
freebase /m/066mck
viaf 97198085
nli 001435460
lcauth n83176306

Mordechai Virshubski

Shinui - Center Party

Gender male
Born 1930-05-10
Died 2012-05-01
wikidata Q551409
freebase /m/09ry0dp
viaf 98353086
nli 000205088

Mordechai Zipori


Gender male
Born 1924-09-15
Died 2017-05-29
wikidata Q2904724
freebase /m/04jdg90
viaf 61457882
nli 000267260
lcauth nr98013262

Moshe Arens

Likud (until 1982-01-19)

Gender male
Born 1925-12-27
wikidata Q548185
freebase /m/03v5zx
viaf 9959770
nli 000011412
lcauth n87844204

Moshe Dayan

Movement for National Renewal (until 1981-10-16)

Gender male
Born 1915-05-20
Died 1981-10-16
wikidata Q188783
freebase /m/0mdz2
viaf 22140607
nli 000037580
lcauth n79099011

Moshe Harif

Alignment (until 1982-01-16)

Gender male
Born 1933-06-02
Died 1982-01-16
wikidata Q2901747
freebase /m/0b6ngff

Moshe Katsav


Gender male
Born 1945-12-05
wikidata Q181832
freebase /m/01k84w
viaf 46328613
nli 000211556
lcauth no92022276

Moshe Nissim


Gender male
Born 1935-04-10
wikidata Q941785
freebase /m/09hgfw

Moshe Shahal


Gender male
Born 1934-05-20
wikidata Q2906636
freebase /m/04jh6dh
viaf 315535506
nli 001723820

Muhammed Wattad


Gender male
Born 1937-06-01
Died 1994-09-24
wikidata Q2901989
freebase /m/0b6gj7g

Nachman Raz

Alignment (from 1983-03-22)

Gender male
Born 1924-12-09
Died 2015-07-05
wikidata Q2901954
freebase /m/0b6p2vy
viaf 51324730
nli 001778434

Naftali Blumenthal


Gender male
Born 1922-03-01
wikidata Q2902124

Naftali Feder


Gender male
Born 1920-01-04
Died 2009-11-11
wikidata Q1963442
freebase /m/09ry6f_
viaf 103149121
nli 000300419

Nava Arad


Gender female
Born 1938-12-04
wikidata Q2908930
freebase /m/0b6kmxd

Ora Namir


Gender female
Born 1930-09-01
wikidata Q2908342
freebase /m/04jchby
viaf 97379771
nli 000226388

Pesach Grupper


Gender male
Born 1924-08-21
Died 2013-04-29
wikidata Q2904677

Pinhas Goldstein


Gender male
Born 1939-08-26
Died 2007-08-14
wikidata Q2903271
freebase /m/09k5x7k

Raanan Naim


Gender male
Born 1935-12-31
Died 2009-09-07
wikidata Q2900581
freebase /m/080kqt0

Raphael Edery


Gender male
Born 1937-09-10
wikidata Q2905752
freebase /m/04jn58_

Raphael Suissa


Gender male
Born 1935-01-05
wikidata Q2900704
freebase /m/0b6lkgd

Roni Milo


Gender male
Born 1949-11-26
wikidata Q945024
freebase /m/09vh88
viaf 233939668
nli 000380430

Sarah Doron


Gender female
Born 1922-05-20
Died 2010-11-03
wikidata Q2778006
freebase /m/04jlhwf

Shevach Weiss


Gender male
Born 1935-07-05
wikidata Q574033
freebase /m/05745v
viaf 102064775
nli 000140731
lcauth n82147336

Shimon Peres


Gender male
Born 1923-08-02
Died 2016-09-28
wikidata Q57410
freebase /m/0c_8s
viaf 78770379
nli 000104575
lcauth n79138880

Shlomo Hillel


Gender male
Born 1923-04-09
wikidata Q1719051
freebase /m/0466kwz
viaf 24678077
nli 000479454
lcauth n86012484

Shlomo Lorincz

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1918-03-05
Died 2009-10-19
wikidata Q2904731
freebase /m/04g00_m
viaf 101579996
nli 000287216
lcauth nr96036446

Shmuel Halpert

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1939-02-05
wikidata Q2915117
freebase /m/0b7m5v

Shoshana Arbeli-Almozlino


Gender female
Born 1926-01-26
Died 2015-06-12
wikidata Q2777751
freebase /m/04jkh7g
viaf 11628239
nli 000165703
lcauth n98100296

Shulamit Aloni

Civil Rights Movement

Gender female
Born 1928-11-29
Died 2014-01-24
wikidata Q267335
freebase /m/0djh0p
viaf 70955606
nli 000197674
lcauth no92006184

Simha Erlich

Likud (until 1983-06-19)

Gender male
Born 1915
Died 1983-06-19
wikidata Q361315
freebase /m/03gyltd
viaf 97379759
nli 000226383

Tamar Eshel


Gender female
Born 1920-07-24
wikidata Q2907928
freebase /m/07s664f

Tawfik Toubi


Gender male
Born 1922-05-11
Died 2011-03-12
wikidata Q969950
freebase /m/03hg4xh
viaf 234834772
nli 000368566
bnf 169419541

Tawfik Zayyad


Gender male
Born 1929-05-07
Died 1994-07-05
wikidata Q968637
freebase /m/02pr9xg
viaf 64176360
lcauth n87111277
isni 0000 0000 8143 7458

Uri Sebag


Gender male
Born 1931-11-11
wikidata Q2900521
freebase /m/0b6h6v2

Uzi Baram


Gender male
Born 1937-04-06
wikidata Q2909091
freebase /m/04jhgpw
viaf 106844675
nli 000299197
lcauth no2010001830

Victor Shem-Tov


Gender male
Born 1915-02-01
Died 2014-03-08
wikidata Q2891007
freebase /m/04jnpvc

Yaacov Meridor


Gender male
Born 1913-09-29
Died 1995-06-30
wikidata Q2613811
freebase /m/0283fzk
viaf 65454504
nli 000213283
lcauth n85235046

Yaacov Tsur


Gender male
Born 1937-04-04
wikidata Q2776738
freebase /m/04jdxbn
viaf 253106438
nli 000561675

Yaakov Gil


Gender male
Born 1931-01-17
Died 2007-01-21
wikidata Q2904710

Yair Tsaban


Gender male
Born 1930-08-23
wikidata Q2253290
freebase /m/03gw9qc
viaf 97510734
nli 000267872
isni 0000 0000 6876 370X

Yehezkel Zackay


Gender male
Born 1932-04-24
wikidata Q2920244
freebase /m/09rvqxb

Yehuda Ben-Meir

National Religious Party

Gender male
Born 1939-07-27
wikidata Q2904656
freebase /m/080lyv2
viaf 68996390
nli 000364080
lcauth n85299515

Yehuda Hashai


Gender male
Born 1934-01-03
wikidata Q2900135
freebase /m/09v8qpm

Yehuda Perach


Gender male
Born 1924-01-11
Died 1998-11-06
wikidata Q2905913
freebase /m/09v62hp

Yigal Cohen


Gender male
Born 1928
Died 1988-12-06
wikidata Q2902039

Yigal Cohen-Orgad


Gender male
Born 1937-08-30
wikidata Q504126
freebase /m/04jj65z

Yitzhak Berman


Gender male
Born 1913-06-03
Died 2013-08-04
wikidata Q983112
freebase /m/04jbk_2
viaf 97672445
nli 000169056
lcauth nr93033627

Yitzhak Moday


Gender male
Born 1926-01-17
Died 1998-05-14
wikidata Q911074
freebase /m/02vrl3j
viaf 100651274
nli 000235095
lcauth n89135039

Yitzhak Peretz


Gender male
Born 1936-06-03
Died 2002-10-17
wikidata Q2906980
freebase /m/09gndz1

Yitzhak Rabin


Gender male
Born 1922-03-01
Died 1995-11-04
wikidata Q34060
freebase /m/0b_zw
viaf 46766256
lcauth n80038008
fast 52533

Yitzhak Shamir


Gender male
Born 1915-10-22
Died 2012-06-30
wikidata Q184351
freebase /m/016hj7
viaf 79410188
nli 000564164
lcauth n88622399

Yoram Aridor


Gender male
Born 1933-10-24
wikidata Q434195
freebase /m/02rxw0h
viaf 308281542
nli 001471580

Yosef Burg

National Religious Party

Gender male
Born 1909-01-31
Died 1999-10-15
wikidata Q216021
freebase /m/074hxv
viaf 59009044
nli 000166752
lcauth nr2001015466

Yossi Sarid


Gender male
Born 1940-10-24
Died 2015-12-04
wikidata Q143172
freebase /m/03pjx7
viaf 66373411
nli 001438391
lcauth nr97017155

Yuval Neeman


Gender male
Born 1925-05-14
Died 2006-04-26
wikidata Q471965
freebase /m/066lmn
viaf 98083038
nli 000211368
lcauth n80102694

Zevulon Hammer

National Religious Party

Gender male
Born 1936-05-31
Died 1998-01-20
wikidata Q2910400
freebase /m/027z6zd
viaf 97297455
nli 000195461
lcauth nr91000182

Zvi Rener


Gender male
Born 1910
Died 1990-05-31
wikidata Q2900545

Zvi Shiloah

Tehiya (from 1984-03-07)

Gender male
Born 1911-03-06
Died 2000-10-10
wikidata Q2907055
freebase /m/0b6jldp
viaf 57026214
nli 000252526

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country ='Israel')
house = country.legislature('Knesset')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/10').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

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