Knesset 17

2006-04-17 – 2009-02-24

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Party Groupings

  • Kadima

    29 seats

  • Labor Under Ehud Barak

    18 seats

  • Likud

    12 seats

  • Shas

    12 seats

  • Yisrael Beitenu

    11 seats

  • Gil Pensioners Party

    6 seats

  • Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

    5 seats

  • Meretz-Yahad

    5 seats

  • Agudat Yisrael

    4 seats

  • Ra`am-Ta`al

    4 seats

  • Hadash

    3 seats

  • National Democratic Assembly

    3 seats

  • Achi

    2 seats

  • Degel Hatorah

    2 seats

  • Moledet - Ichud Leumi

    2 seats

  • Meimad

    1 seat

  • The Right Way

    1 seat

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Abas Zkoor


Gender male
Born 1965-12-30
wikidata Q2906664
freebase /m/04q0ty0

Abraham Hirchson


Gender male
Born 1941-02-11
wikidata Q547800
freebase /m/0cf7fv

Ahmad Tibi


Gender male
Born 1958-12-19
wikidata Q2420712
freebase /m/07kb9z
viaf 67374704
lcauth no99024338
gnd 123480914

Alex Miller

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1977-04-04
wikidata Q984473
freebase /m/04q8h_6

Ami Ayalon

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1945-06-27
wikidata Q470654
freebase /m/03t959
viaf 24755005
nli 001395022
lcauth n84072688

Amir Peretz

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1952-03-09
wikidata Q472117
freebase /m/08sxh3
viaf 2222306
nli 000251261
lcauth no2006064023

Amira Dotan


Gender female
Born 1947-07-28
wikidata Q2777214
freebase /m/0cb92f
pace 6298

Amnon Cohen


Gender male
Born 1960-06-01
wikidata Q2331325
freebase /m/04q9nf0
pace 6559

Arieh Eldad

Moledet - Ichud Leumi

Gender male
Born 1950-05-01
wikidata Q658454
freebase /m/02bk5t
viaf 6201370
nli 000043030
lcauth n79007938

Ariel Atias


Gender male
Born 1970-11-13
wikidata Q970354
freebase /m/0d0tv5

Avi Dichter


Gender male
Born 1952-12-14
wikidata Q790699
freebase /m/0cfy3s
viaf 305130154
nli 001962237
lcauth no2013080552

Avigdor Itzchaky

Kadima (until 2008-02-10)

Gender male
Born 1949-09-13
wikidata Q2916693
freebase /m/02qy7w2

Avigdor Liberman

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1958-06-05
wikidata Q58311
freebase /m/05psm_
viaf 120609763
nli 000196274
lcauth n2002055603

Avishay Braverman

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1948-01-15
wikidata Q791137
freebase /m/0cf84l
viaf 109362338
nli 001852943
lcauth n83231143

Avraham Michaeli


Gender male
Born 1957-03-29
wikidata Q2330514
freebase /m/04q8j_k

Avraham Ravitz

Degel Hatorah (until 2009-01-26)

Gender male
Born 1934-01-13
Died 2009-01-26
wikidata Q2614411
freebase /m/04q7gsl
viaf 171198877
nli 000280451
lcauth no2003003413

Avshalom Vilan


Gender male
Born 1951-02-11
wikidata Q2890777
freebase /m/0c7w6p

Azmi Bishara

National Democratic Assembly (until 2007-04-25)

Gender male
Born 1956-07-22
wikidata Q313589
freebase /m/07nnwl
viaf 37148155
nli 000021258
lcauth nr94035295

Benjamin Netanyahu


Gender male
Born 1949-10-21
wikidata Q43723
freebase /m/0fm2h
viaf 114192441
nli 000098960
lcauth n78049769

Benyamin Elon

Moledet - Ichud Leumi

Gender male
Born 1954-11-10
Died 2017-05-05
wikidata Q2904001
freebase /m/02skh7
viaf 98444549
nli 000257094
lcauth n87906513

Binyamin (Fouad) Ben-Eliezer

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1936-02-12
Died 2016-08-28
wikidata Q128888
freebase /m/04mwls
viaf 53894030
nli 000195521
lcauth no2006002398

Chaim Amsellem


Gender male
Born 1959-10-12
wikidata Q84093
freebase /m/04qbb4k
viaf 3952916
nli 000481194
lcauth n86072265

Chaim Oron


Gender male
Born 1940-03-26
wikidata Q981725
freebase /m/0cfyfz
viaf 308698963
nli 001462551

Colette Avital

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender female
Born 1940-05-01
wikidata Q2915700
freebase /m/0585pr
viaf 299486285
nli 000218078
isni 0000 0004 0316 4342

Dalia Itzik


Gender female
Born 1952-10-20
wikidata Q234190
freebase /m/09cvqr
viaf 160957586
nli 000333570
isni 0000 0001 0844 1706

Dan Naveh

Likud (until 2007-02-27)

Gender male
Born 1960-06-21
wikidata Q2910042
freebase /m/04jc4_k

Dani Yatom

Labor-Meimad (until 2008-07-02)

Gender male
Born 1945-03-15
wikidata Q1159747
freebase /m/0cpgd0
viaf 101141418
nli 000312017
isni 0000 0000 7852 3849

David Azoulay


Gender male
Born 1954-05-05
wikidata Q2331314
freebase /m/04q3psb

David Rotem

Yisrael Beitenu (from 2007-01-16)

Gender male
Born 1949-01-11
Died 2015-06-08
wikidata Q2059478
freebase /m/04q2r_j
viaf 316747281
nli 001771748
pace 6707

David Tal


Gender male
Born 1950-01-26
Died 2016-07-02
wikidata Q2916806
freebase /m/03hh4d9
viaf 97348336
nli 000214711

Dov Khenin


Gender male
Born 1958-01-10
wikidata Q2658565
freebase /m/0f25ty
viaf 97957386
nli 000075632
isni 0000 0000 7845 218X

Effie Eitam


Gender male
Born 1952-07-25
wikidata Q175792
freebase /m/02878q9

Ehud Olmert


Gender male
Born 1945-09-30
wikidata Q93181
freebase /m/03gvq8
viaf 7155287
nli 000211459
lcauth no2006118469

Eitan Cabel

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1959-08-23
wikidata Q2613062
freebase /m/0czh3h
viaf 308698961
nli 001457606

Elhanan Glazer

The Right Way

Gender male
Born 1947-08-13
wikidata Q2906667
freebase /m/04q0pgv

Eli Aflalo


Gender male
Born 1952-09-08
wikidata Q2748768
freebase /m/0fxm7j

Eliahu Gabbay

Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

Gender male
Born 1943-01-05
wikidata Q2907245
freebase /m/04my4d6

Eliyahu Yishai


Gender male
Born 1962-12-26
wikidata Q557424
freebase /m/02skf3
nli 000199590
imdb nm7042970
jewishenc 14759

Ephraim Sneh

Labor-Meimad (until 2008-05-28)

Gender male
Born 1944-09-19
wikidata Q1296492
freebase /m/0gkvx6
viaf 51284299
nli 000191702
lcauth no96041729

Esterina Tartman

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender female
Born 1957-11-09
wikidata Q528225
freebase /m/02ppwv6

Gideon Ezra


Gender male
Born 1937-06-30
Died 2012-05-17
wikidata Q920526
freebase /m/09d093
viaf 252809061
nli 000563997

Gideon Sa`ar


Gender male
Born 1966-12-09
wikidata Q966349
freebase /m/02g4_v
viaf 313007651
nli 001702807
pace 5752

Gilad Erdan


Gender male
Born 1970-09-30
wikidata Q2663804
freebase /m/026lbfb

Haim Katz

Likud (from 2006-11-21)

Gender male
Born 1947-12-21
wikidata Q2583214
freebase /m/02ryfrx
youtube UCfXnYTVB9ASM447oS17MakQ
google_plus 108984772672038187258

Haim Ramon


Gender male
Born 1950-04-10
wikidata Q652581
freebase /m/08t2rl
viaf 14366691
nli 001460660
lcauth no96053046

Hanna Swaid


Gender male
Born 1955-03-27
wikidata Q1660317
freebase /m/0cq50z

Ibrahim Sarsour


Gender male
Born 1959-02-02
wikidata Q2914999
freebase /m/0cfyc4
viaf 253701910
nli 000562804

Isaac Ben-Israel

Kadima (from 2007-06-13)

Gender male
Born 1949-07-26
wikidata Q2777786
freebase /m/0fn1jr
viaf 69173415
nli 000524884
lcauth nr90028529

Isaac Herzog

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1960-09-22
wikidata Q983258
freebase /m/0cf7z6
viaf 100328159
nli 000268110
lcauth nr2004014209

Israel Hasson

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1955-04-27
wikidata Q1385119
freebase /m/0cfy91

Itshac Galantee

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender male
Born 1937-02-12
Died 2012-06-25
wikidata Q2906666
freebase /m/04qbm3g

Izhak Ziv

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender male
Born 1937-11-11
wikidata Q2906757
freebase /m/04q815t

Jacob Edery


Gender male
Born 1950-11-25
wikidata Q2141400
freebase /m/0cf7p2
pace 6844

Jamal Zahalka

National Democratic Assembly

Gender male
Born 1955-01-11
wikidata Q2504940
freebase /m/0c3fxl
viaf 297900851
nli 000145065

Leon Litinetsky

Labor Under Ehud Barak (from 2008-07-02)

Gender male
Born 1967-08-02
wikidata Q2899838

Lia Shemtov

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender female
Born 1958-05-25
wikidata Q2059469
freebase /m/04q8qlp

Limor Livnat


Gender female
Born 1950-09-22
wikidata Q522242
freebase /m/06h5lp
viaf 21472368
nli 000537372
lcauth n99039768

Majallie Whbee


Gender male
Born 1954-02-12
wikidata Q945253
freebase /m/0b6mtl

Marina Solodkin


Gender female
Born 1952-05-31
Died 2013-03-16
wikidata Q271402
freebase /m/0b6mdm
viaf 73185159
nli 000537161
lcauth n99031538

Matan Vilnai

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1944-05-20
wikidata Q1380540
freebase /m/093lcj
viaf 313007649
nli 001700950
pace 5997

Mazor Bahyna

Shas (from 2008-04-27)

Gender male
Born 1973-09-12
wikidata Q2919803
freebase /m/043q28d

Meir Porush

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1955-06-11
wikidata Q1391548
freebase /m/09tggv
viaf 172019199
lcauth n2011044326

Meir Sheetrit


Gender male
Born 1948-10-10
wikidata Q939899
freebase /m/09d06q
viaf 103417206
nli 000198651
lcauth nr94016031

Menahem Ben-Sasson


Gender male
Born 1951-07-07
wikidata Q2255438
freebase /m/03hh4b7
viaf 24782400
nli 000018044
lcauth n83300370

Meshulam Nahari


Gender male
Born 1951-05-07
wikidata Q2915482
freebase /m/0d0twx

Michael Eitan


Gender male
Born 1944-03-06
wikidata Q1820307
freebase /m/04ldjng
viaf 238182131
nli 000367069
isni 0000 0003 6933 6269

Michael Melchior


Gender male
Born 1954-01-31
wikidata Q706701
freebase /m/04pvp8
viaf 298357486
nli 000207572
gnd 182076962

Michael Nudelman


Gender male
Born 1938-06-30
wikidata Q1371452
freebase /m/02qwhxl

Mohammad Barakeh


Gender male
Born 1955-07-25
wikidata Q2582008
freebase /m/07k88z
viaf 199753507
lcauth no2011175379

Moshe Gafni

Degel Hatorah

Gender male
Born 1952-05-05
wikidata Q2386604
freebase /m/07hjyt

Moshe Kahlon


Gender male
Born 1960-11-19
wikidata Q265006
freebase /m/0krxxk
viaf 97458452
nli 000250540
imdb nm6549302

Moshe Sharoni

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender male
Born 1929
wikidata Q2778290
freebase /m/04q0y3g

Nadia Hilou

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender female
Born 1953-07-05
Died 2015-02-27
wikidata Q2776767
freebase /m/03hmq03
viaf 71275486
nli 001453014
lcauth nr94032443

Natan Sharansky

Likud (until 2006-11-21)

Gender male
Born 1948-01-20
wikidata Q360961
freebase /m/03dtsb
viaf 97284810
lcauth n79085408
isni 0000 0001 1495 8138

Nissan Slomiansky

Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

Gender male
Born 1946
wikidata Q2909950
freebase /m/04q1mg9

Nissim Zeev


Gender male
Born 1951-09-09
wikidata Q2612867
freebase /m/04pkfj

Ophir Pines-Paz

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1961-07-11
wikidata Q1337669
freebase /m/04snfh
viaf 311119635
nli 001674165

Orit Noked

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender female
Born 1952-10-25
wikidata Q2331049
freebase /m/03hn82_

Otniel Schneller


Gender male
Born 1952-01-28
wikidata Q2613072
freebase /m/03hh46t
viaf 36661756
nli 000297586

Rafi Eitan

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender male
Born 1926-11-23
wikidata Q675940
freebase /m/0c7kts
viaf 316604419
nli 001761755

Raleb Majadele

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1953-04-05
wikidata Q705562
freebase /m/027n2bl
britannica biography/Raleb-Majadele

Ran Cohen


Gender male
Born 1937-06-20
wikidata Q2890702
freebase /m/03c9hw
viaf 71207942
nli 000320123
lcauth no2008109481

Reuven Rivlin


Gender male
Born 1939-09-09
wikidata Q455854
freebase /m/074knq
viaf 297827619
nli 000298428
isni 0000 0004 0236 5089

Robert Ilatov

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1971-11-12
wikidata Q974653
freebase /m/04q96vg

Ronit Tirosh


Gender female
Born 1953-12-08
wikidata Q939996
freebase /m/0271vcj
viaf 308262172
nli 001427430

Ronnie Bar-On


Gender male
Born 1948-06-02
wikidata Q1361809
freebase /m/0c6jtz
britannica biography/Roni-Bar-On

Ruhama Avraham Balila


Gender female
Born 1964-01-29
wikidata Q2612708
freebase /m/0fxlwd

Said Naffaa

National Democratic Assembly (from 2007-04-25)

Gender male
Born 1953-04-01
wikidata Q2916329
freebase /m/0406vpj
viaf 177593165
nli 000309904
isni 0000 0001 4074 2875

Sara Marom Shalev

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender female
Born 1934-09-23
wikidata Q2778264
freebase /m/04q2h4c

Shachiv Shnaan

Labor Under Ehud Barak (from 2008-05-28)

Gender male
Born 1960-06-20
wikidata Q2331073
freebase /m/04myrj7

Shai Hermesh

Kadima (from 2006-04-28)

Gender male
Born 1944-03-23
wikidata Q2907085

Shalom Simhon

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1956-12-07
wikidata Q2630086
freebase /m/0d0tst
viaf 98481524
nli 000274380
lcauth no2015038418

Shaul Mofaz


Gender male
Born 1948-11-04
wikidata Q359689
freebase /m/0793k
britannica biography/Shaul-Mofaz
quora Shaul-Mofaz
gtaa 133262

Shelly Yachimovich

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender female
Born 1960-03-28
wikidata Q2419510
freebase /m/0cg42l
viaf 9774137
nli 000366030
lcauth nr2001030867

Shimon Peres

Kadima (until 2007-06-13)

Gender male
Born 1923-08-02
Died 2016-09-28
wikidata Q57410
freebase /m/0c_8s
viaf 78770379
nli 000104575
lcauth n79138880

Shlomo (Neguse) Molla

Kadima (from 2008-02-10)

Gender male
Born 1965-11-21
wikidata Q2919162
freebase /m/03nnpq8
pace 6519

Shlomo Benizri

Shas (until 2008-04-27)

Gender male
Born 1961-02-07
wikidata Q2916912
freebase /m/0c8q6g
viaf 297459879
nli 000211318
lcauth nr93049641

Shlomo Breznitz

Kadima (until 2007-09-28)

Gender male
Born 1936-08-03
wikidata Q2916256
freebase /m/04lhxgc
viaf 94519901
nli 000024691
lcauth n82023854

Shmuel Halpert

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1939-02-05
wikidata Q2915117
freebase /m/0b7m5v

Silvan Shalom


Gender male
Born 1958-08-04
wikidata Q553567
freebase /m/01ghyw
viaf 239702013
nli 001723385
isni 0000 0003 6969 164X

Sofa Landver

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender female
Born 1949-10-28
wikidata Q462726
freebase /m/04q8p6w

Stas Misezhnikov

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1969-02-28
wikidata Q1967775
freebase /m/04qbjr5

Talab El-Sana


Gender male
Born 1960-12-25
wikidata Q2890855
freebase /m/0585ty

Tzachi Hanegbi


Gender male
Born 1957-02-26
wikidata Q2301106
freebase /m/03nkdm
viaf 308265868
nli 001441146
youtube UC68Lc8ID_Jq5Ny13q181N8Q

Tzipi Livni


Gender female
Born 1958-07-08
wikidata Q151796
freebase /m/08_4rx
viaf 84254709
youtube UC6ulJS0x_LIS9HG3FWHwQaQ
britannica biography/Tzipi-Livni

Tzvia Greenfield

Meretz-Yahad (from 2008-11-04)

Gender female
Born 1945
wikidata Q467354
freebase /m/04yh89l
viaf 98335789
nli 000194467
isni 0000 0000 7846 9328

Uri Maklev

Degel Hatorah (from 2008-07-31)

Gender male
Born 1957-01-10
wikidata Q2330547
freebase /m/04m_tj4

Uri Yehuda Ariel

Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

Gender male
Born 1952-12-22
wikidata Q2375726
freebase /m/0ksbnl
youtube UCh_dbrtRLeKzLKCyVOXzdUQ

Uriel Reichman

Kadima (until 2006-04-28)

Gender male
Born 1942-07-04
wikidata Q2777422
freebase /m/04qbkyp

Wasil Taha

National Democratic Assembly

Gender male
Born 1952-04-24
wikidata Q2916393
freebase /m/0c3frb

Yacov Ben Yizri

Gil Pensioners Party

Gender male
Born 1927-10-01
Died 2018-02-17
wikidata Q2916519
freebase /m/0cfy9r

Yakov Cohen

United Torah Judaism (until 2008-07-31)

Gender male
Born 1953-07-13
wikidata Q2776981
freebase /m/04q3j3t

Yakov Litzman

Agudat Yisrael

Gender male
Born 1948-09-02
wikidata Q2120884
freebase /m/03byfzd
viaf 313007653
nli 001703433

Yakov Margi


Gender male
Born 1960-11-18
wikidata Q2330483
freebase /m/04q72_s

Yehoshua Menachem Pollack

Agudat Yisrael (from 2009-01-26)

Gender male
Born 1948
wikidata Q2899881

Yisrael Katz


Gender male
Born 1955-09-21
wikidata Q487304
freebase /m/04jcg09

Yitzhak Aharonovitch

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1950-08-22
wikidata Q2044736
freebase /m/04lhjdy

Yitzhak Cohen


Gender male
Born 1951-10-02
wikidata Q2915390
freebase /m/0cfy67

Yitzhak Levy


Gender male
Born 1947-06-06
wikidata Q2910106
freebase /m/04crlvg
viaf 97237037
nli 000179160
lcauth no2004013510

Yitzhak Vaknin


Gender male
Born 1958-05-12
wikidata Q2331109
freebase /m/04q860j
viaf 23594473
nli 000328260
lcauth n85299951

Yoel Hasson


Gender male
Born 1973-04-02
wikidata Q2612715
freebase /m/03hh4fb
pace 5973
youtube UCIoRAyr0wFUjaHLoFrrrGHQ

Yohanan Plesner

Kadima (from 2007-09-28)

Gender male
Born 1972-01-17
wikidata Q2903330
freebase /m/03hh4gq
pace 6476

Yoram Marciano

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender male
Born 1964-10-31
wikidata Q2855739
freebase /m/04q0mhy

Yosef Shagal

Yisrael Beitenu

Gender male
Born 1949-03-25
wikidata Q2373588
freebase /m/0d973y
viaf 88134913
nli 000159908
lcauth n96058121

Yossi Beilin

Meretz-Yahad (until 2008-11-04)

Gender male
Born 1948-06-12
wikidata Q548964
freebase /m/029cr9
viaf 28158566
nli 000017350
lcauth n88099086

Yuli Tamir

Labor Under Ehud Barak

Gender female
Born 1954-02-26
wikidata Q2563029
freebase /m/0cf8f_
viaf 56692618
nli 000274974
lcauth n92106089

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein

Likud (from 2007-02-27)

Gender male
Born 1958-08-05
wikidata Q1711779
freebase /m/03h5p9y
youtube UC_-UeFf49iDk_AXv_yL4nOg
google_plus 105605208212520510341
jewishenc 14985

Yuri Shtern

Yisrael Beitenu (until 2007-01-16)

Gender male
Born 1949-03-29
Died 2007-01-16
wikidata Q1382012
freebase /m/0cg3bl
viaf 43231920
nli 000288712
lcauth n84024000

Yuval Steinitz


Gender male
Born 1958-04-10
wikidata Q1362317
freebase /m/0krw20
viaf 54562064
nli 000186590
lcauth n88168860

Ze`ev Boim


Gender male
Born 1943-04-30
Died 2011-03-18
wikidata Q197108
freebase /m/0d0tvw
viaf 32417872
lcauth n85299503
isni 0000 0000 2468 7338

Zeev Elkin


Gender male
Born 1971-04-03
wikidata Q2583898
freebase /m/03cd_q9
youtube UCcbFfjP8SQgG9uVJBGX17CA

Zehava Galon


Gender female
Born 1956-01-04
wikidata Q2630062
freebase /m/03h12zm
viaf 316747259
nli 001759073
imdb nm5857435

Zevulun Orlev

Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

Gender male
Born 1945-11-09
wikidata Q2581598
freebase /m/03wp7_
viaf 308698920
nli 001442780

Zvi Hendel

Habayit Hayehudi - Mafdal

Gender male
Born 1949-10-16
wikidata Q2891122
freebase /m/02qvt4m

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country ='Israel')
house = country.legislature('Knesset')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/17').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

Main Sources:,,,

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