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11th Parliament

2013-03-28 – current

Party Groupings

  • Orange Democratic Movement

    94 seats

  • The National Alliance

    86 seats

  • United Republican Party

    75 seats

  • Wiper democratic Movement Kenya

    27 seats

  • United Democratic Forum Party

    12 seats

  • Ford Kenya

    11 seats

  • Kenya African National Union

    6 seats

  • New Ford Kenya

    6 seats

  • Alliance Party of Kenya

    5 seats

  • Independent

    4 seats

  • Federal Party of Kenya

    3 seats

  • Ford People

    3 seats

  • Independent

    3 seats

  • National Rainbow Coalition

    3 seats

  • Chama Cha Uzalendo

    2 seats

  • Kenya National Congress

    2 seats

  • Kenya African Democratic Union - Asili

    1 seat

  • Maendeleo Democratic Party

    1 seat

  • Muungano Development Movement Party

    1 seat

  • NARC - Kenya

    1 seat

  • People's Democratic Party

    1 seat

  • The Independent Party

    1 seat

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Ababu Namwamba

Orange Democratic Movement — Budalangi

Gender male
Born 1975-12-23
mzalendo 108
wikidata Q4663137

Abass Sheikh Mohamed

United Republican Party — Wajir East

Gender male
mzalendo 2983

Ibrahim Ahmed Abass

Orange Democratic Movement — Ijara

Gender male
mzalendo 1591

Amina Abdalla

The National Alliance

Gender female
Born 1969-10-15
mzalendo 382

Yusuf Hassan Abdi

The National Alliance — Kamukunji

Gender male
Born 1958
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 398
wikidata Q4664957

Abdulswamad Sheriff Nassir

Orange Democratic Movement — Mvita

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2433
wikidata Q47494822

Asman Kamama

United Republican Party — Tiaty

Gender male
Born 1965-08-08
mzalendo 165
wikidata Q4807410

Lawrence Mpuru Aburi

Orange Democratic Movement — Tigania East

Gender male
mzalendo 2901

Adan Keynan

Orange Democratic Movement — Eldas

Gender male
Born 1968-10-10
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 41
wikidata Q4680594

Adan Mohamed Nooru

United Republican Party — Mandera North

Gender male
mzalendo 2238

Abdikadir Omar Aden

Orange Democratic Movement — Balambala

Gender male
Born 1972-10-21
mzalendo 1186

Abdikadir Ore Ahmed

Orange Democratic Movement — Wajir West

Gender male
mzalendo 3001

Shakeel Shabbir

Orange Democratic Movement — Kisumu East

Gender male
Born 1953
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 140
wikidata Q4696013

Protus Ewesit Akujah

Orange Democratic Movement — Loima

Gender male
mzalendo 2138

Alex Muthengi Mburi Mwiru

United Republican Party — Tharaka

Gender male
Born 1967-09-23
mzalendo 107
wikidata Q4717538

Alfred Kiptoo Keter

United Republican Party — Nandi Hills

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2514
wikidata Q47494850

Ali Wario

The National Alliance — Bura

Gender male
Born 1970-05-05
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 252
wikidata Q47493953

Abdi Noor Mohammed Ali

United Republican Party

Gender male
mzalendo 13135

Fatuma Ibrahim Ali

Orange Democratic Movement — Wajir

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 13152
wikidata Q17411041

Shariff Athman Ali

United Democratic Forum Party — Lamu East

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2100
wikidata Q47494644

Tiyah Galgalo Ali

The National Alliance — Isiolo

Gender female
Born 1966-12-27
mzalendo 460

Alice Muthoni Wahome

The National Alliance — Kandara

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1700
wikidata Q26923586

Alice Wambui Ng'ang'a

The National Alliance — Thika Town

Gender female
mzalendo 2884

John Olago Aluoch

Ford Kenya — Kisumu West

Gender male
Born 1956-05-20
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 5
wikidata Q6251185

Rachel Ameso Amolo

Orange Democratic Movement — Kakamega

Gender female
mzalendo 631

Lisamula Silverse Anami

Orange Democratic Movement — Shinyalu

Gender male
Born 1955-01-01
mzalendo 2773

Benjamin Andola Andayi

Orange Democratic Movement — Khwisero

Gender male
Born 1956-08-01
mzalendo 1772

Andrew Mwadime

Orange Democratic Movement — Mwatate

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2451
wikidata Q47494827

Ayub Savula Angatia

United Democratic Forum Party — Lugari

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2153
wikidata Q47494687

Jimmy Angwenyi

The National Alliance — Kitutu Chache North

Gender male
Born 1945-11-18
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 326
wikidata Q47494517

Andrew Toboso Anyanga

Orange Democratic Movement — Butere

Gender male
mzalendo 1321

Peter Edick Omondi Anyanga

Orange Democratic Movement — Nyatike

Gender male
mzalendo 6
wikidata Q7173815

Dalmas Otieno

Orange Democratic Movement — Rongo

Gender male
Born 1945-04-19
mzalendo 130
wikidata Q5211525

Samuel Arama

Orange Democratic Movement — Nakuru Town West

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2504
wikidata Q47493930

Lemanken Aramat

United Republican Party — Narok East

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2523
wikidata Q47494853

Arthur Papa Odera

United Republican Party — Teso North

Gender male
mzalendo 2858

Athanas Misiko Wafula Wamunyinyi

Ford Kenya — Kanduyi

Gender male
Born 1963
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 291
wikidata Q47493900

Augostinho Neto Oyugi

Orange Democratic Movement — Ndhiwa

Gender male
Born 1976-01-01
mzalendo 444

Bady Twalib Bady

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Jomvu

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1612
wikidata Q47493964

Peter Njoroge Baiya

The National Alliance — Githunguri

Gender male
Born 1950
mzalendo 8
wikidata Q7176115

Abdullahi Jaldesa Banticha

United Republican Party — Isiolo South

Gender male
Born 1978-08-12
mzalendo 1606

Edwin Kipruto Barchilei

United Republican Party — Soy

Gender male
mzalendo 2816

Ejidius Njogu Barua

The National Alliance — Gichugu

Gender male
mzalendo 1529

Beatrice Nkatha Nyaga

The National Alliance — Tharaka-Nithi

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1051
wikidata Q47490074

Rashid Juma Bedzimba

Orange Democratic Movement — Kisauni

Gender male
mzalendo 1933

Ben George Orori Momanyi

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Borabu

Gender male
Born 1972-11-06
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1272
wikidata Q47493961

Benard Masaka Shinali

United Democratic Forum Party — Ikolomani

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1598
wikidata Q47494323

Benjamin Jomo Washiali

United Democratic Forum Party — Mumias East

Gender male
Born 1961-10-10
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 151
wikidata Q4888887

Benjamin Kipkirui Langat

United Republican Party — Ainamoi

Gender male
Born 1976-11-24
mzalendo 384

Benson Makali Mulu

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Kitui Central

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1955
wikidata Q47494484

Bernard Alfred Wekesa Sambu

United Democratic Forum Party — Webuye East

Gender male
Born 1944
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 3007
wikidata Q4723395

Benard Kipkirui Bett

United Republican Party — Bomet East

Gender male
Born 1981-05-11
mzalendo 1247

James Kimaru Bett

United Republican Party — Kesses

Gender male
mzalendo 1765

Paul Kipchirchir Bii

United Republican Party — Chepalungu

Gender male
Born 1961-01-23
mzalendo 1347

Sunjeev Kour Birdi

United Republican Party

Gender female
mzalendo 13136
wikidata Q16842239

Bishop Robert Mutemi Mutua

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya

Gender male
mzalendo 13137

Stephen Kirwa Bitok

United Republican Party — Mosop

Gender male
mzalendo 2372

Hezron Awiti Bollo

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Mombasa

Gender male
mzalendo 2600

Bonface Okhiya Otsiula

New Ford Kenya — Bumula

Gender male
Born 1968-10-20
mzalendo 1295

Timothy Moseti . E Bosire

Orange Democratic Movement — Kitutu Masaba

Gender male
mzalendo 2026

David Kangongo Bowen

United Republican Party — Marakwet East

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2256
wikidata Q47494744

John Sakwa Bunyasi

United Democratic Forum Party — Nambale

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2511
wikidata Q47494847

Elisha Kipkorir Busienei

United Republican Party — Turbo

Gender male
mzalendo 2918

Captain Clement Muchiri Wambugu

The National Alliance — Mathioya

Gender male
Born 1956
mzalendo 149
wikidata Q5131380

Cecilia Chelangat Ngetich

United Republican Party — Bomet

Gender female
mzalendo 511

Cecily Mbarire

The National Alliance — Runyenjes

Gender female
Born 1972-12-26
mzalendo 78
wikidata Q5056517

Alice Nyanchoka Chae

Orange Democratic Movement — Nyamira

Gender female
mzalendo 960

Regina Nyeris Changorok

United Republican Party — West Pokot

Gender female
mzalendo 1149

Yusuf Kifuma Chanzu

United Democratic Forum Party — Vihiga

Gender male
Born 1954
mzalendo 11
wikidata Q8061937

Charles Nyamai

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Kitui Rural

Gender male
Born 1961-12-06
mzalendo 115
wikidata Q5081173

Mwinga Gunga Chea

Kenya African Democratic Union - Asili — Kaloleni

Gender male
mzalendo 1694

Susan Kipketer Chebet

United Republican Party — Elgeyo-Marakwet

Gender female
mzalendo 550

Moses Kipkemboi Cheboi

Kenya African National Union — Kuresoi North

Gender male
Born 1970-01-04
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 329
wikidata Q47494557

Eng. John Kiragu Chege

The National Alliance — Limuru

Gender male
mzalendo 2129

John Njoroge Chege

The National Alliance — Kasarani

Gender male
mzalendo 12516

Sabina Wanjiru Chege

The National Alliance — Murang'a

Gender female
Born 1978-08-01
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 884
wikidata Q16214164

Samuel Kiprono Chepkonga

United Republican Party — Ainabkoi

Gender male
Born 1964-09-04
mzalendo 1154

Hellen Chelangat Chepkwony

United Republican Party — Kericho

Gender female
mzalendo 640

William Kipkiror

United Republican Party — Baringo North

Gender male
Born 1967-12-25
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 50
wikidata Q8014046

Zakayo Kipkemoi Cheruiyot

United Republican Party — Kuresoi South

Gender male
Born 1954
mzalendo 14
wikidata Q8065041

Zainab Kalekye Chidzuga

Orange Democratic Movement — Kwale

Gender female
mzalendo 751

Chrisantus Wamalwa Wakhungu

Ford Kenya — Kiminini

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1889
wikidata Q47494460

Chrisropher Doye Nakuleu

United Republican Party — Turkana North

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2937
wikidata Q47495156

Christine Oduor Ombaka

Orange Democratic Movement — Siaya

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1007
wikidata Q47490071

Christopher Omulele

Orange Democratic Movement — Luanda

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2145
wikidata Q47493956

Samuel Moroto

Kenya African National Union — Kapenguria

Gender male
Born 1960
mzalendo 318
wikidata Q18207112
freebase /m/011l6lq9

Cornelly Serem

United Republican Party — Aldai

Gender male
Born 1970-12-31
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1162
wikidata Q47493985

Daniel Epuyo Nanok

United Republican Party — Turkana West

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2947
wikidata Q47495163

Daniel Kazungu Muzee

Independent — Malindi (until 2015-11-28)

Gender male
mzalendo 2225

Daniel Wanyama Sitati

New Ford Kenya — Webuye West

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 3012
wikidata Q47495190

David Aoko Were

New Ford Kenya — Matungu

Gender male
Born 1959-11-02
mzalendo 153
wikidata Q5240969

David Ouma Ochieng'

Orange Democratic Movement — Ugenya

Gender male
mzalendo 2955

David Wafula Wekesa

New Ford Kenya — Saboti

Gender male
mzalendo 2742

Abdul Rahim Dawood

Alliance Party of Kenya — North Imenti

Gender male
Born 1965
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2572
wikidata Q16864850

Dennis Kariuki Waweru

The National Alliance — Dagoretti South

Gender male
Born 1970-06-30
mzalendo 1378

Col (Rtd) Ali Rasso Dido

United Republican Party — Saku

Gender male
Born 1961-10-23
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2749
wikidata Q15733971

Diriye Abdullahi Mohamed

Orange Democratic Movement — Wajir South

Gender male
Born 1977
mzalendo 2995

Dr Rachael Kaki Nyamai

National Rainbow Coalition — Kitui South

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1979
wikidata Q47494506

Dr. Chris Munga Nyamaratandi Bichage

Orange Democratic Movement — Nyaribari Chache (until 2013-12-01)

Gender male
mzalendo 2616

Dr. David Eseli Simiyu

Ford Kenya — Tongaren

Gender male
Born 1958-10-17
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 141
wikidata Q5233422

Dr. Hellen Sambili

Kenya African National Union — Mogotio

Gender female
Born 1959
mzalendo 28

Dr. James Gesami

Orange Democratic Movement — West Mugirango

Gender male
Born 1953-07-30
mzalendo 19
wikidata Q6140626

Dr. James Kipkosgei Murgor

United Republican Party — Keiyo North

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1754
wikidata Q47494393

Dr. James Nyikal

Orange Democratic Movement — Seme

Gender male
Born 1951-06-22
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 434
wikidata Q47493920

Dr. Naomi Shaban

The National Alliance — Taveta

Gender female
Born 1963-09-09
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 139
wikidata Q16885582

Dr. Oburu Odinga

Orange Democratic Movement

Gender male
Born 1943-10-15
mzalendo 194
wikidata Q2013243

Dr. Patrick Mweu Musimba

Independent — Kibwezi West

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1804
wikidata Q47494421

Dr. Paul Otuoma

Orange Democratic Movement — Funyula

Gender male
Born 1966-09-15
mzalendo 132
wikidata Q7152844

Dr. Reginalda Nakhumicha Wanyonyi

New Ford Kenya — Bungoma

Gender female
mzalendo 520

Dr. Simon Ogari

Independent — Bomachoge Chache

Gender male
Born 1956-05-31
mzalendo 385

Dr. Susan Mbinya Musyoka

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Machakos

Gender female
mzalendo 794

Aden Bare Duale

United Republican Party — Garissa Township

Gender male
Born 1967-06-15
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 15
wikidata Q4682154

Dr. Mohamed Dahir Duale

Orange Democratic Movement — Dadaab

Gender male
Born 1962-07-13
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1377
wikidata Q47494238

Roba Duba Bonaya

United Democratic Forum Party — Moyale

Gender male
mzalendo 425

Hassan Abdi Dukicha

United Democratic Forum Party — Galole

Gender male
mzalendo 1480

Halima Ware Duri

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Tana River

Gender female
mzalendo 1039

James Lomenen Ekomwa

The National Alliance — Turkana South

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2940
wikidata Q47495159

Elias Bare Shill

United Republican Party — Fafi

Gender male
mzalendo 1465

Elijah Memusi Kanchory

Orange Democratic Movement — Kajiado Central (from 2015-03-16)

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1661
wikidata Q47494347

Elijah Mosomi Moindi

NARC - Kenya — Nyaribari Masaba

Gender male
mzalendo 2628

Mohamed Ibrahim Elmi

Independent — Tarbaj

Gender male
mzalendo 82
wikidata Q6891260

Joyce Akai Emanikor

United Republican Party — Turkana

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1092
wikidata Q47490076

Emmanuel Wangwe

United Democratic Forum Party — Navakholo

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2543
wikidata Q47494859

Eng. James Rege

Orange Democratic Movement — Karachuonyo

Gender male
Born 1948-07-21
mzalendo 135
wikidata Q6137496

Eng. Stephen Muriuki Ngare

The National Alliance — Ndia

Gender male
mzalendo 2559

Eusilah Jepkosgei Ngeny

United Republican Party — Uasin Gishu

Gender female
mzalendo 1104

Abdulaziz Ali Farah

United Republican Party — Mandera East

Gender male
mzalendo 2231

Mahbub Fathia

United Republican Party — Mandera

Gender female
mzalendo 821

Ferdinard Kevin Wanyonyi

Ford Kenya — Kwanza

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2065
wikidata Q47494623

Florence Mwikali Mutua

Orange Democratic Movement — Busia

Gender female
mzalendo 539

Francis Kigo Njenga

The National Alliance — Gatundu North

Gender male
mzalendo 1510

Francis Munyua Waititu

The National Alliance — Juja

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1618
wikidata Q47494331

Francis Mwanzia Nyenze

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Kitui West

Gender male
Born 1957-06-02
Died 2017-12-06
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1987
wikidata Q46190459

Francis Waweru Nderitu

The National Alliance — Ndaragwa

Gender male
mzalendo 2546

Tom Joseph Kajwang'

Orange Democratic Movement — Ruaraka

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2712
wikidata Q47494960

G.J. Munuve Mati

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Mwingi North

Gender male
mzalendo 2469

Nelson Ributhi Gaichuhie

The National Alliance — Subukia

Gender male
Born 1965
mzalendo 17
wikidata Q6990527

James Mwangi Gakuya

The National Alliance — Embakasi North

Gender male
Born 1967-12-24
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1409
wikidata Q47493951

Francis Chachu Ganya

Orange Democratic Movement — North Horr

Gender male
Born 1970
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 18
wikidata Q5480460

Annah Nyokabi Gathecha

The National Alliance — Kiambu

Gender female
mzalendo 652

Esther Nyambura Gathogo

The National Alliance — Ruiru

Gender female
mzalendo 2715

Charles Mongare Geni

Orange Democratic Movement — North Mugirango

Gender male
mzalendo 2585

Geoffrey Makokha Odanga

Orange Democratic Movement — Matayos

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2286
wikidata Q47494758

George Mike Wanjohi

The National Alliance — Mathare (until 2014-03-18)

Gender male
mzalendo 12510

George Mukuru Muchai

Independent — Kabete (until 2015-02-07)

Gender male
Born 1955
Died 2015-02-07
mzalendo 1623
wikidata Q19008951

George Oner Ogalo

Orange Democratic Movement — Rangwe

Gender male
Born 1977-05-13
mzalendo 2679

George Theuri

The National Alliance — Embakasi West

Gender male
Born 1978-05-10
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1429
wikidata Q47493970

George Washinton Mallan Omondi

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Alego Usonga

Gender male
Born 1953-09-14
mzalendo 1169

James Ndungu Gethenji

The National Alliance — Tetu

Gender male
mzalendo 2874

Dennitah Ghati

Orange Democratic Movement — Migori

Gender female
mzalendo 856

Samuel Kamunye Gichigi

Alliance Party of Kenya — Kipipiri

Gender male
mzalendo 1909

Gideon Maitha

Orange Democratic Movement — Kilifi North

Gender male
Born 1966-09-18
mzalendo 76

Gideon Ochanda Ogolla

Orange Democratic Movement — Bondo

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1264
wikidata Q47494201

David Gikaria

The National Alliance — Nakuru Town East

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2489
wikidata Q47493905

Charles Gumini Gimose

Federal Party of Kenya — Hamisi

Gender male
Born 1957-05-27
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1555
wikidata Q47493925

Eng Joseph Gachoki Gitari

The National Alliance — Kirinyaga Central

Gender male
Born 1970-08-07
mzalendo 388
wikidata Q6283465

Peter Njuguna Gitau

The National Alliance — Mwea

Gender male
Born 1965
mzalendo 20
wikidata Q7176118

Gladys Wanga

Orange Democratic Movement — Homa Bay

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 590
wikidata Q47489052

Eng. Nicholas Gumbo

Orange Democratic Movement — Rarieda

Gender male
Born 1965-11-25
mzalendo 24
wikidata Q7025483

Shukran Hussein Gure

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Garissa

Gender female
Born 1978-07-06
mzalendo 578
wikidata Q17198176

Hassan Aden Osman

United Democratic Forum Party

Gender male
mzalendo 13133

Hassan Mohamed Mwanyoha

Orange Democratic Movement — Matuga

Gender male
mzalendo 2308

Hon Willy Mtengo

Orange Democratic Movement — Malindi (from 2016)

Gender male
mzalendo 13164

Hon. Fredrick Otieno Outa

Orange Democratic Movement — Nyando

Gender male
Born 1964-12-12
mzalendo 133
wikidata Q5498498

Mohamed Adan Huka

United Republican Party — Mandera South

Gender male
mzalendo 2240

Humphrey Kimani Njuguna

National Rainbow Coalition — Gatanga

Gender male
Born 1961-07-17
mzalendo 1508
wikidata Q16194232

Ibrahim Abdi Saney

Orange Democratic Movement — Wajir North

Gender male
mzalendo 2988

Ibrahim Ahmed Sane

United Republican Party — Garsen

Gender male
Born 1974-06-23
mzalendo 1497

Nasra Ibrahim Ibren

Orange Democratic Movement — Marsabit

Gender female
mzalendo 834

Anthony Kimani Ichung'Wah

The National Alliance — Kikuyu

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1835
wikidata Q47494431

Moses Malulu Injendi

Maendeleo Democratic Party — Malava

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2214
wikidata Q47494713

Gideon Mwiti Irea

Alliance Party of Kenya — Central Imenti

Gender male
Born 1960-12-06
mzalendo 1335

Cyprian Kubai Iringo

Orange Democratic Movement — Igembe Central

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1574
wikidata Q47494314

Irshadali Mohomed Sumra

Orange Democratic Movement — Embakasi South

Gender male
Born 1962-12-09
mzalendo 1425
wikidata Q16194826
freebase /m/0t_cyq9

Isaac Maigua Mwaura

Orange Democratic Movement

Gender male
Born 1982-05-29
Prefix Senator
mzalendo 13129
wikidata Q20744564

Isaac Waihenya Ndirangu

The National Alliance — Roysambu

Gender male
Born 1968
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2701
wikidata Q47493910

Shaaban Ali Isaack

United Republican Party — Lafey

Gender male
mzalendo 2069

Jackson Kipkorir Rop

United Republican Party — Kipkelion West

Gender male
mzalendo 1922

James Lusweti Mukwe

Ford Kenya — Kabuchai

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1641
wikidata Q47493944

James Onyango Oyoo

People's Democratic Party — Muhoroni

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2408
wikidata Q47494809

James Opiyo Wandayi

Orange Democratic Movement — Ugunja

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2960
wikidata Q47495169

Janet Marania Teiyaa

The National Alliance

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 13132
wikidata Q47490039

Janet Nangabo Wanyama

New Ford Kenya — Trans-Nzoia

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1076
wikidata Q47490075

Japhet M. Kareke Mbiuki

The National Alliance — Maara

Gender male
Born 1971
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 79
wikidata Q16730588

Jared Odhiambo Opiyo

Ford Kenya — Awendo

Gender male
Born 1973-06-01
mzalendo 1174

Joash Odhiambo Olum

Orange Democratic Movement — Langata

Gender male
mzalendo 12497

Joe Musyimi Mutambu

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Mwingi Central

Gender male
mzalendo 2462

Joel Onyancha

The National Alliance — Bomachoge Borabu

Gender male
Born 1960-01-01
mzalendo 127

John Bomet Serut

Independent — Mt. Elgon

Gender male
mzalendo 297

John Lodepe Nakara

United Republican Party — Turkana Central

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2926
wikidata Q47495147

John Mbadi Ng'ong'o

Orange Democratic Movement — Suba

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 110
wikidata Q6799567

John Muchiri Nyaga

The National Alliance — Manyatta

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2245
wikidata Q47494735

John Muriithi Waiganjo

The National Alliance — Ol Joro Orok

Gender male
mzalendo 2644

John Ogutu Omondi

Orange Democratic Movement — Embakasi East

Gender male
mzalendo 1406

John Oroo Oyioka

Kenya African National Union — Bonchari (2013-09-23 to 2014-06-01)

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1257
wikidata Q47494200

John Zebedeo Opore

Ford People — Bonchari (from 2014-06-01)

Gender male
Born 1947-01-08
mzalendo 308
wikidata Q8068252

Johnson Arthur Sakaja


Gender male
Born 1985
mzalendo 13131

Johnson Manya Naicca

Orange Democratic Movement — Mumias West

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2427
wikidata Q47494819

Jones Mwagogo Mlolwa

Orange Democratic Movement — Voi

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2980
wikidata Q47495180

Joseph Nganga Kiuna

The National Alliance — Njoro

Gender male
Born 1965-02-26
mzalendo 54
wikidata Q16730905

Joseph Ngugi Nyumu

Independent — Gatundu South (until 2014-05-01)

Gender male
mzalendo 1520

Joseph Obiero Ndiege

Orange Democratic Movement — Suna West

Gender male
mzalendo 2844

Joshua Aduma Owuor

Orange Democratic Movement — Nyakach

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2592
wikidata Q47494872

Jude L. Kangethe Njomo

The National Alliance — Kiambu

Gender male
Born 1965
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1784
wikidata Q47494407

Julius Kibiwott Melly

United Republican Party — Tinderet

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 12849
wikidata Q47495140

Zulekha Juma Hassan

Orange Democratic Movement

Gender female
Born 1979-08-10
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 13130
wikidata Q47490050

Junet Sheikh Nuh

Orange Democratic Movement — Suna East

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2840
wikidata Q47495084

Stephen Kinyanjui Mburu Kk

The National Alliance — Kinangop

Gender male
mzalendo 1901

Kabando wa Kabando

The National Alliance — Mukurweini

Gender male
Born 1967-08-01
mzalendo 31
wikidata Q6343844

Joseph Mburu Kahangara

The National Alliance — Lari

Gender male
mzalendo 2108

Florence Kajuju

The National Alliance — Meru

Gender female
Born 1969-09-29
mzalendo 840

George Peter Opondo Kaluma

Orange Democratic Movement — Homa Bay Town

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1565
wikidata Q47494313

William Maina Kamanda

The National Alliance — Starehe

Gender male
mzalendo 2819

Jamleck Irungu Kamau

The National Alliance — Kigumo

Gender male
Born 1965-05-10
mzalendo 35
wikidata Q6147903

Irungu Kang'ata

The National Alliance — Kiharu

Gender male
mzalendo 1826

Benson Mutura Kangara

The National Alliance — Makadara

Gender male
mzalendo 12543

James Mathenge Kanini Kega

The National Alliance — Kieni

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1813
wikidata Q47493958

Priscilla Nyokabi Kanyua

The National Alliance — Nyeri

Gender female
Born 1979
mzalendo 981

Stephen Wachira Karani

The National Alliance — Laikipia West

Gender male
mzalendo 2085

David Karithi

The National Alliance — Tigania West

Gender male
mzalendo 2903

John Ndirangu Kariuki

The National Alliance — Embakasi Central

Gender male
Born 1962-05-01
mzalendo 1391
wikidata Q6250396

Julius Ndegwa Kariuki

Kenya National Congress — Lamu West

Gender male
mzalendo 2104

Suleiman Murunga Kasuti

Ford Kenya — Kimilili

Gender male
mzalendo 1884

Aisha Jumwa Katana

Orange Democratic Movement — Kilifi

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 691
wikidata Q47494720

Maweu Kyengo Katatha

The Independent Party — Kangundo

Gender male
mzalendo 1727

Kathuri Murungi

The National Alliance — South Imenti

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2802
wikidata Q47495046

Judah ole Metito

The National Alliance — Kajiado South

Gender male
Born 1973-03-12
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 199
wikidata Q47494354

Dorcas Luvalitsa Kedogo

Orange Democratic Movement — Vihiga

Gender female
mzalendo 1126

Justice Kipsang Kemei

United Republican Party — Sigowet/Soin

Gender male
mzalendo 2778

Ken Obura Mirenga

Orange Democratic Movement — Kisumu Central

Gender male
mzalendo 1943

Kenneth Odhiambo Okoth

Orange Democratic Movement — Kibra

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 12482
wikidata Q47494410

Richard Moitalel ole Kenta

The National Alliance — Narok North

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 420
wikidata Q47493933

Mary Sally Keraa

Orange Democratic Movement — Kisii

Gender female
mzalendo 727

Zipporah Jesang Kurgat Kering

United Republican Party — Nandi

Gender female
mzalendo 911

Eric Arap Keter

Kenya African National Union — Belgut

Gender male
mzalendo 1208

Mishi Juma Khamisi

Orange Democratic Movement — Mombasa

Gender female
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 874
wikidata Q47494664

Khatib Abdallah Mwashetani

Ford Kenya — Lunga Lunga

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2163
wikidata Q18388019

David Njuguna Kiaraho

The National Alliance — Ol Kalou

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2648
wikidata Q47493935

Dr. Enoch Kibunguchy

Orange Democratic Movement — Likuyani

Gender male
Born 1953-08-20
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 294
wikidata Q47494669

John Karanja Kihagi

The National Alliance — Naivasha

Gender male
mzalendo 2481

Francis Mwangangi Kilonzo

Muungano Development Movement Party — Yatta

Gender male
mzalendo 3052

Anthony Mutahi Kimaru

The National Alliance — Laikipia East

Gender male
mzalendo 2072

Patrick Makau King'ola

Wiper democratic Movement Kenya — Mavoko

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2328
wikidata Q47494776

Boniface Gatobu Kinoti

Independent — Buuri

Gender male
Born 1987
mzalendo 1322
wikidata Q16866303
lcauth no2013110162

Peter Weru Kinyua

National Rainbow Coalition — Mathira

Gender male
mzalendo 2303

Grace Jelagat Kipchoim

United Republican Party — Baringo South

Gender female
Born 1962-01-03
Died 2018-04-20
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 1200
wikidata Q18217506

Kipruto Moi

Kenya African National Union — Rongai

Gender male
Prefix The Honourable
mzalendo 2689
wikidata Q47494946

Jackson Kiplagat Kiptanui

United Republican Party — Keiyo South