Important Update: The EveryPolitician project is currently paused. Find out more on our blog.

Source Needed

For the countries below, we don't know where to find comprehensive data about their politicians. But you might, especially if you live there. If you can suggest a source — please tell us! It might be a list of politicians on the official parliament's website, or webpages on a wholly separate site or project. Ideally, we like party memberships, email addresses, dates of birth, and other things... but the bottom line is: if it's a list of all the politicians in the legislature, we're interested, even if that's only their names. You can email us at or, if you're on GitHub, suggest the source in a comment on the linked GitHub ticket.

And although we do want current data, if you can point us at historic data (that is, previous legislatures' members), we'd love to have that too.

In Progress