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16th Assembly

2017-05-06 – current

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What’s in this dataset?

As much as we know. Here’s a taste of the information we have so far.

Biographical 47%
Social links 0%
Contact details 0%
Identifiers 47%

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Billy Graham Talagi

Independent — Avatele

Dalton Tagelagi

Independent — Alofi South

Gender male
Born 1968-06-05
wikidata Q19876617

Dion Paki Taufitu

Independent — Toi

Esa Mona Ainu'u

Independent — Tuapa

Gender female
wikidata Q42704251

Jack Willie Lipitoa, QSM

Independent — Namukulu

Joan Sisiata Tahafa Viliamu

Independent — Common Roll

Gender female
Born 1966-03-22
wikidata Q16645937

Kupa Magatogia

Independent — Lakepa

Maureen Melekitama

Independent — Mutalau

Naea Michael Jackson

Independent — Hakupu

Gender male
wikidata Q3308266
freebase /m/04my66g

O'Love Jacobsen

Independent — Common Roll

Gender female
wikidata Q7071866

Opili Talafasi

Independent — Hikutavake

Peter Andrew Funaki

Independent — Tamakautoga

Gender male
wikidata Q60194471

Pokotoa Sipeli

Independent — Liku

Gender male
wikidata Q251952
freebase /m/09v4fj_

Stanley Atuvaha Kalauni

Independent — Common Roll

Talaititama Talaiti

Independent — Vaiea

Terry Coe

Independent — Common Roll

Tofua Puletama

Independent — Makefu

Toke Tufukia Talagi

Independent — Common Roll

Gender male
Born 1960-12-06
wikidata Q785548
freebase /m/047mqxm

Va’aiga Tukuitoga

Independent — Alofi North

Gender female
wikidata Q16886221

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country ='Niue')
house = country.legislature('Assembly')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/16').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

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