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13th Assembly

2014-03-09 – current

What’s in this dataset?

As much as we know. Here’s a taste of the information we have so far.

Biographical 7%
Social links 0%
Contact details 0%
Identifiers 7%

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An Chol-sik

unknown — Komunkum

An Ji-yong

unknown — Songchonkang

An Jong-su

unknown — Hamju

An Ki-chol

unknown — Kunmasan

An Kuk-chol

unknown — Suyangsan

An Kum-chol

unknown — Sinyang

An Mun-hak

unknown — Paekam

An Myong-ok

unknown — Undok

Gender male
wikidata Q4750149

An Sung-ok

unknown — Chaeryong

An Tong-chun

unknown — Myongkan

An Yong-ki

unknown — Oil

An Yong-kuk

unknown — Sekil

An Yong-nam

unknown — Yonju

Cha Hui-rim

unknown — Rimwon

Cha Jun-sik

unknown — Unphasan

Cha Kyong-il

unknown — Samho

Cha Myong-ok

unknown — Taeryong

Cha Song-nam

unknown — Obong

Cha Sung-su

unknown — Wonha

Cha Yong-myong

unknown — Songhwa

Chae Ho-nam

unknown — Anju

Chae Kang-hwan

unknown — Unha

Chae Myong-hak

unknown — Phyongsong

Chae Yong-il

unknown — Saenal

Chang Chol

unknown — Kwahak

Chang Chun-kun

unknown — Paekkumsan

Chang Hyon-chol

unknown — Komsan

Chang In-suk

unknown — Thabsong

Chang Jae-on

unknown — Chongo

Chang Jong-nam

unknown — Taedongkang

Chang Ki-ho

unknown — Yangsa

Chang Myong-sil

unknown — Kuchon

Chang Pyong-kyu

unknown — Kangchol

Chang Pyong-thae

unknown — Uiju

Chang Song-kuk

unknown — Chasong

Chang Sun-kum

unknown — Inhung

Chang Ung

unknown — Toksan

Gender male
Born 1938-07
wikidata Q3161947
freebase /m/0bmjlm0

Chang Yong-su

unknown — Kangryong

Chi Jae-ryong

unknown — Ryongbuk

Chi Jong-kwan

unknown — Munphyong

Chi Sang-man

unknown — Anak

Chin Chol-su

unknown — Sinphagang

Chin Sang-chol

unknown — Kumsong

Chin Yon-sil

unknown — Ohyon

Chin Yong-chol

unknown — Sujongkang

Chin Yong-il

unknown — Chonrima

Cho Chun-ryong

unknown — Kangdong

Cho Hyong-chol

unknown — Sadong

Cho Jae-yong

unknown — Huichon

Cho Jong-ho

unknown — Tongmyong

Cho Jong-sob

unknown — Kwail

Cho Jun-hak

unknown — Koksan

Cho Kil-nyo

unknown — Saemaul

Cho Kum-hui

unknown — Hwadae

Cho Kyong-chol

unknown — Sungrisan

Cho Song-hwan

unknown — Chongbong

Cho Song-yun

unknown — Pyokdong

Cho Won-thaek

unknown — Maengsan

Cho Yon-jun

unknown — Pipha

Gender male
Born 1937-09-28
wikidata Q11727287

Cho Yong-chol

unknown — Changphung

Cho Yong-su

unknown — Haeun

Cho Yong-su

unknown — Taekwan

Choe Chang-son

unknown — Kangkye

Choe Chang-son

unknown — Kangan

Choe Chol

unknown — Kumkol

Choe Chol-hu

unknown — Pujon

Choe Chol-jung

unknown — Hyongjesan

Choe Chun-sik

unknown — Oun

Gender male
Born 1954-10-12
wikidata Q12619902

Choe Hwi

unknown — Subok

Choe Hyon

unknown — Ryujong

Choe In-ho

unknown — Sangnong

Choe Ji-son

unknown — Ryongak

Choe Jin-su

unknown — Rinsan

Choe Jong-kon

unknown — Chonma

Choe Jong-ryong

unknown — Okkye

Choe Kang

unknown — Wolchon

Choe Ki-jun

unknown — Saengjang

Choe Kwang-chol

unknown — Posok

Choe Kwang-jin

unknown — Sangdok

Choe Kwi-hon

unknown — Kisang

Choe Kyong-nam

unknown — Phyongsan

Choe Myong-chol

unknown — Phungo

Choe Myong-hak

unknown — Chongbaek

Choe Phyong-il

unknown — Kwangbok

Choe Pok-sun

unknown — Hongwon

Choe Pu-il

unknown — Pyoldong

Gender male
Born 1944
wikidata Q72993
freebase /m/0ztcfwx

Choe Ryong-hae

unknown — Okchonkang

Gender male
Born 1950-01-15
wikidata Q714509
freebase /m/0j9px63

Choe Sang-kon

unknown — Chongkang

Choe Sin-uk

unknown — Suan

Choe Sok-hwan

unknown — Rabuk

Choe Song-il

unknown — Yaksan

Choe Song-il

unknown — Rakrang

Choe Song-nam

unknown — Ungsang

Choe Song-un

unknown — Sindoksan

Choe Song-won

unknown — Masan

Choe Sun-chol

unknown — Kumdong

Choe Thae-bok

unknown — Hyuam

Gender male
Born 1930-12-01
wikidata Q710692
freebase /m/0h3lm2x

Choe Tong-yun

unknown — Unbaeksan

Choe Un

unknown — Ryongyon

Choe Yong-dok

unknown — Tasa

Choe Yong-ho

unknown — Myoraksan

Choe Yong-il

unknown — Soksu

Choe Yong-kon

unknown — Ryonpho

Choe Yong-rim

unknown — Tongdaewon

Gender male
Born 1929-11-20
wikidata Q310889
freebase /m/0c3x_yp

Choe Yong-sam

unknown — Wolji

Choe Yong-suk

unknown — Kukdong

Choe Yong-suk

unknown — Orang

Chon Hak-chol

unknown — Tukjang

Chon Hye-song

unknown — Ssangryong

Chon Hyong-jong

unknown — Hyangsan

Chon Il

unknown — Mannyonsan

Chon Il-chun

unknown — Sumun

Chon Jae-kwon

unknown — Kalmakang

Chon Kil-su

unknown — Puchang

Chon Kwang-ho

unknown — Kwangmyongsong

Chon Kwang-rok

unknown — Odaejin

Chon Kyong-nam

unknown — Maengjung

Chon Kyong-son

unknown — Taeo

Chon Song-man

unknown — Songam

Chon Sung-hun

unknown — Pobong

Chon Sung-nam

unknown — Hwangju

Chon Yong-hak

unknown — Chonmasan

Chon Yong-nam

unknown — Tokam

Chon Yong-nam

unknown — Kajin

Chon Yong-son

unknown — Samsong

Chon Yong-ung

unknown — Chongnyon

Chong Chang-sok

unknown — Haean

Chong Chun-sil

unknown — Chonchon

Chong Hae

unknown — Puphyong

Chong Hyong-suk

unknown — Hyejang

Chong Kwang-kuk

unknown — Sinhong

Chong Kyong-hwa

unknown — Changhung

Chong Myong-chol

unknown — Sokbak

Chong Myong-hak

unknown — Ryusang

Chong Myong-il

unknown — Anhak

Chong Myong-jo

unknown — Sohak

Chong Myong-su

unknown — Hari

Chong Pyong-kon

unknown — Saekori

Chong Ri-jong

unknown — Suku

Chong Son-hui

unknown — Hoeryong

Chong Song-hyok

unknown — Phohang

Chong Sung-ki

unknown — Hakmu

Chong Tok-yong

unknown — Sinchang

Chong Yong-su

unknown — Kyongsong

Chong Yong-suk

unknown — Rihyon

Chong Yong-won

unknown — Sonchon

Chu Jong-kyong

unknown — Thaethan

Chu Kyu-chang

unknown — Ryongkung

Chu Myong-son

unknown — Ryongo

Chu Su-yong

unknown — Kunja

Chu Thae-kyong

unknown — Samjiyon

Chu Yong-sik

unknown — Yomju

Chu Yong-suk

unknown — Sangsinhung

Ha Ung-chon

unknown — Ryusa

Han Chang-nam

unknown — Samil

Han Chang-sun

unknown — Myongdangsan

Han Chol

unknown — Phungjong

Han Chol-min

unknown — Tongchang

Han Chun-sik

unknown — Pobdong

Han Ho-nam

unknown — Kangnam

Han Jang-bin

unknown — Rahung

Han Ju-song

unknown — Puhung

Han Kwang-bok

unknown — Hupho

Han Kwang-sang

unknown — Tongmyon

Han Myong-kuk

unknown — Samsu

Han Myong-song

unknown — Phophyong

Han Pyong-man

unknown — Anbyon

Han Ryong-kuk

unknown — Yodok

Han Song-ho

unknown — Kagam

Han Song-hyok

unknown — Ryangchaek

Gender male
Born 1987-12-11
wikidata Q18758310

Han Song-il

unknown — Sekori

Han Ung-su

unknown — Chunghwa

Han Won-il

unknown — Phohwa

Han Yong-chol

unknown — Ichon

Han Yong-ho

unknown — Sokhyon

Ho Jae-ryul

unknown — Changphyong

Ho Jong-chon

unknown — Sinsongchon

Ho Jong-man

unknown — Myongsok

Ho Jong-ok

unknown — Unhung

Ho Kwang-chun

unknown — Inam

Ho Myong-ok

unknown — Chonghung

Ho Ryong

unknown — Changamsan

Ho Song-chol

unknown — Toksan

Ho Song-il

unknown — Kosan

Ho Thae-chol

unknown — Sindanchon

Ho Thae-ryul

unknown — Chonghak

Ho Yong-chun

unknown — Chongsu

Hong Chol-kun

unknown — Sanyang

Hong In-bom

unknown — Chongsong

Hong Kum-son

unknown — Ryangdam

Hong Kwang-suk

unknown — Taedong

Hong Kyong-jun

unknown — Tongrim

Hong Man-ho

unknown — Kyonghung

Hong Pong-chol

unknown — Hamyon

Hong So-hon

unknown — Kyoku

Hong Son-ok

unknown — Ryokpho

Hong Sung-mu

unknown — Kuo

Gender male
Born 1942-01-01
wikidata Q16179925

Hwang Kang-chol

unknown — Kumi

Hwang Kil-chol

unknown — Ryulkok

Hwang Kun-il

unknown — Namchongang

Hwang Min

unknown — Sepho

Hwang Min-chol

unknown — Chonjin

Hwang Pong-chol

unknown — Changdong

Hwang Pyong-so

unknown — Chongbang

Gender male
wikidata Q9295306

Hwang Sun-hui

unknown — Okdo

Hwang Yong-bo

unknown — Kwisong

Hwang Yong-sam

unknown — Pukdu

Hwang Yun-nam

unknown — Taechu

Hyon Sang-ju

unknown — Kubong

Hyon Ung-sil

unknown — Changsang

Im Hun

unknown — Sungho

Im Jong-sil

unknown — Ryongkang

Kang Chol-ku

unknown — Sinjin

Kang Chu-ryon

unknown — Yangdok

Kang Ha-kuk

unknown — Sonkyong

Kang Hyong-bong

unknown — Chonsong

Gender male
Born 1957-05-20
wikidata Q12583163

Kang Ji-yong

unknown — Soae

Kang Jong-ho

unknown — Sinbukchong

Kang Jong-hui

unknown — Sindab

Kang Jong-kwan

unknown — Omong

Kang Ki-sob

unknown — Sunan

Kang Kil-yong

unknown — Kumsanpho

Kang Myong-chol

unknown — Kumkok

Kang Nung-su

unknown — Taedae

Gender male
Born 1930-02-21
Died 2015-07-21
wikidata Q10855116
isni 0000 0003 8705 0424
viaf 279924989
nta 320684067

Kang Phil-hun

unknown — Hyoksin

Kang Phyo-yong

unknown — Yonan

Gender male
wikidata Q15977231

Kang Pyong-hu

unknown — Ryongphyong

Kang Ryon-hak

unknown — Kwangsong

Kang Sok-ju

unknown — Ori

Gender male
Born 1939-08-29
Died 2016-05-20
wikidata Q705608
freebase /m/0dgnw85

Kang Su-rin

unknown — Kumkang

Kang Thae-bong

unknown — Rakyon

Kang Thae-sok

unknown — Kowon

Kang Won-sik

unknown — Suphung

Kang Yang-mo

unknown — Hangku

Kang Yong-jun

unknown — Pongchon

Kang Yong-su

unknown — Wonphung

Kang Yong-thae

unknown — Kilju

Kil Kum-sun

unknown — Sochang

Kil Rye-su

unknown — Unsan

Kim Chae-ran

unknown — Hyangha

Kim Chang-kwang

unknown — Chongkye

Kim Chang-myong

unknown — Changkang

Kim Chang-ryong

unknown — Choyang

Kim Chang-sob

unknown — Sijong

Kim Chol

unknown — Haekumkang

Gender male
Born 1960
Died 2012-10
wikidata Q6408470

Kim Chol-ho

unknown — Chongam

Gender male
Born 1985-10-15
wikidata Q176188
freebase /m/04zvf_c

Kim Chol-kuk

unknown — Samjong

Kim Chol-kyu

unknown — Changjin

Kim Chol-man

unknown — Onchon

Gender male
Born 1920-11-02
Died 2018-12-03
wikidata Q8011047

Kim Chol-ung

unknown — Tokchon

Kim Chol-yong

unknown — Soho

Kim Chon-kyun

unknown — Songsan

Kim Chun-sam

unknown — Yongchonkang

Kim Chun-sob

unknown — Manpho

Kim Chung-kol

unknown — Sokthab

Kim Hae-song

unknown — Sosong

Kim Hak-chol

unknown — Pakchon

Kim Hi-thaek

unknown — Kujang

Kim Hui-suk

unknown — Tokon

Kim Hye-ran

unknown — Yonkok

Kim Hye-ran

unknown — Oeryong

Kim Hye-yong

unknown — Sokha

Kim Hyon-jin

unknown — Puraesan

Kim Hyon-suk

unknown — Ubpha

Kim Hyong-chan

unknown — Susong

Kim Hyong-nam

unknown — Kangson

Kim Hyong-ryong

unknown — Haewol

Kim Ik-chol

unknown — Chongju

Kim Ik-jung

unknown — Samchon

Kim Il

unknown — Ilsin

Kim Il-hun

unknown — Unjung

Kim Il-jin

unknown — Changyon

Kim In-bok

unknown — Kosong

Kim In-chol

unknown — Sinri

Kim In-sun

unknown — Unjon

Kim Jae-song

unknown — Chojang

Kim Jin-chol

unknown — Kuwolsan

Kim Jin-kuk

unknown — Pukchong

Kim Jin-kuk

unknown — Chongchon

Kim Jin-kyu

unknown — Hwara

Kim Jong

unknown — Talchon

Kim Jong-bin

unknown — Phalwon

Kim Jong-im

unknown — Paeksong

Kim Jong-kak

unknown — Kaephung

Kim Jong-kwan

unknown — Sobaeksan

Kim Jong-man

unknown — Chonsan

Kim Jong-ok

unknown — Taechon

Kim Jong-ok

unknown — Thosan

Kim Jong-sim

unknown — Okphyong

Kim Jong-sok

unknown — Sangjung

Kim Jong-suk

unknown — Hyongsan

Kim Jong-sun

unknown — Phihyon

Kim Jong-un

unknown — Paektusan

Gender male
Born 1984-01-08
wikidata Q56226
freebase /m/0fgw19
isni 0000 0001 2085 1310
lcauth n2011038915
viaf 171940304

Kim Jung-hyob

unknown — Phyongwon

Kim Ki-kun

unknown — Changrim

Kim Ki-nam

unknown — Chaesong

Gender male
Born 1929-08-28
wikidata Q492835
freebase /m/09t0p_

Kim Ki-song

unknown — Namchongjin

Kim Kuk-chang

unknown — Naemun

Kim Kum-chol

unknown — Koin

Kim Kum-chol

unknown — Songaksan

Kim Kum-ok

unknown — Haksong

Gender female
Born 1988-12-09
wikidata Q520516
freebase /m/05c3zgd

Kim Kum-sil

unknown — Nyongbyon

Kim Kum-suk

unknown — Kaechon

Kim Kun-chol

unknown — Choak

Kim Kwang-chol

unknown — Pongsungsan

Kim Kwang-chol

unknown — Hwaphyong

Kim Kwang-chol

unknown — Kyongsang

Kim Kwang-ho

unknown — Taehongdan

Kim Kwang-hyok

unknown — Thaebaeksan

Gender male
Born 1985-08-27
wikidata Q1672031
freebase /m/04zw8ts

Kim Kwang-hyon

unknown — Piphakang

Kim Kwang-il

unknown — Pokmak

Kim Kwang-ju

unknown — Naeryong

Kim Kwang-nam

unknown — Sabong

Kim Kwang-uk

unknown — Mangil

Kim Kye-kwan

unknown — Sukchon

Kim Kyok-sik

unknown — Kwanmun

Gender male
Born 1943
Died 2015-05-10
wikidata Q5355441
freebase /m/0pl1ylw

Kim Kyong-ae

unknown — Koan

Kim Kyong-ho

unknown — Chaedong

Kim Kyong-hui

unknown — Thaephyong

Gender female
Born 1946-05-30
wikidata Q271067
freebase /m/0ddb1z0
isni 0000 0000 0625 8265
lcauth n87802808
viaf 71933861

Kim Kyong-jun

unknown — Chaejong

Kim Kyong-nam

unknown — Namjung

Kim Kyong-ok

unknown — Hwasok

Kim Kyong-su

unknown — Hasin

Kim Man-song

unknown — Ryongdok

Kim Man-su

unknown — Hakbong

Kim Mi-nam

unknown — Ryonbong

Kim Mok-ryong

unknown — Samsan

Kim Myong-chol

unknown — Namphyong

Gender male
wikidata Q6409198

Kim Myong-ju

unknown — Hwaebul

Kim Myong-nam

unknown — Taemyongsan

Kim Myong-sik

unknown — Chongryu

Kim Myong-sik

unknown — Changjagang

Kim Myong-son

unknown — Kokonwon

Kim Ok-kyu

unknown — Sinwon

Kim Ok-ryon

unknown — Tongyang

Kim Ok-son

unknown — Kuyon

Kim Pae-jong

unknown — Sinjak

Kim Phyo-hun

unknown — Hukryong

Kim Phyong-hae

unknown — Samsok

Kim Pong-chol

unknown — Sinmi

Gender male
Born 1942-05-02
Died 2012-02-14
wikidata Q6409256

Kim Pong-il

unknown — Chongsong

Kim Ryong-sil

unknown — Ryongrim

Kim Sang-ryong

unknown — Toksong

Kim Sang-uk

unknown — Taehung

Kim Sok-hong

unknown — Ryongaksan

Kim Sok-nam

unknown — Ryuldong

Kim Sok-sun

unknown — Sinhung

Kim Song-bong

unknown — Kusang

Kim Song-chol

unknown — Madong

Kim Song-dok

unknown — Haebal

Kim Song-ho

unknown — Chunam

Kim Song-hui

unknown — Phyonghwa

Kim Song-hui

unknown — Tongmun

Kim Song-il

unknown — Chailkang

Kim Song-jong

unknown — Wangjaesan

Kim Song-ui

unknown — Saedok

Kim Su-gil

unknown — Oekumkang

Kim Su-il

unknown — Yongbuk

Kim Sun-hwa

unknown — Ryongjin

Kim Sung-du

unknown — Changryon

Kim Sung-hui

unknown — Sinpha

Kim Sung-ki

unknown — Choun

Kim Tae-song

unknown — Pukji

Kim Thaek-ku

unknown — Ryongam

Kim Tok-hun

unknown — Usi

Gender male
wikidata Q25035961

Kim Tok-song

unknown — Unchon

Kim Tong-chun

unknown — Sojung

Kim Tong-hyok

unknown — Changkyong

Kim Tong-il

unknown — Unkok

Kim Tong-son

unknown — Kimhwa

Kim Tong-suk

unknown — Wonro

Kim Tu-chol

unknown — Yonsan

Kim Tuk-sam

unknown — Namsan

Kim Ui-bong

unknown — Wonmyong

Kim Ung-chol

unknown — Ryukyong

Kim Wan-su

unknown — Kumchon

Gender male
Born 1939-05
wikidata Q3612084

Kim Won-hong

unknown — Haebang

Gender male
Born 1945-04-17
wikidata Q5366982
freebase /m/0vzrn2d
isni 0000 0004 6022 206X
lcauth nr2002025676

Kim Yang-kon

unknown — Sungri

Kim Yon-hwa

unknown — Okchon

Kim Yong-bok

unknown — Taephyong

Kim Yong-chol

unknown — Pukchang

Gender male
Born 1945
wikidata Q8011165

Kim Yong-chun

unknown — Unsan

Kim Yong-chun

unknown — Todok

Gender male
Born 1936-03-04
Died 2018-08-16
wikidata Q38804
freebase /m/02890ng

Kim Yong-dae

unknown — Ponghwa

Kim Yong-ho

unknown — Samdung

Kim Yong-ho

unknown — Sangwon

Kim Yong-il

unknown — Tungme

Gender male
Born 1944-05-02
wikidata Q310875
freebase /m/02qkbrw

Kim Yong-jae

unknown — Namhyang

Gender female
Born 1952-09-07
wikidata Q3612630

Kim Yong-jin

unknown — Somun

Kim Yong-ju

unknown — Ryonghung

Gender male
Born 1920-09-21
wikidata Q1062006
freebase /m/0hgqwlx
lcauth n81075693
viaf 60404935
fast 75521

Kim Yong-kil

unknown — Yoldusamchon

Kim Yong-kol

unknown — Chongsong

Kim Yong-kon

unknown — Hukkyo

Kim Yong-kwang

unknown — Sangchang

Kim Yong-man

unknown — Pukjung

Kim Yong-nam

unknown — Unha

Gender male
Born 1928-02-04
wikidata Q110456
freebase /m/022w7q
bigenc_ru 2063939

Kim Yong-sik

unknown — Paehwa

Kim Yong-son

unknown — Paekma

Kim Yong-song

unknown — Kangso

Kim Yong-song

unknown — Ryongdung

Kim Yong-sun

unknown — Sinam

Gender male
Born 1934
Died 2003
wikidata Q851624
freebase /m/0c3w5rn

Kim Yu-suk

unknown — Phungsan

Kim Yun-hyok

unknown — Kalma

Kim Yun-sil

unknown — Changhun

Kim Yun-sok

unknown — Changsong

Ko Son-ok

unknown — Riwon

Kong Sung-il

unknown — Chonki

Kong Yon-ok

unknown — Chonthae

Kwak Chol-ho

unknown — Ryongampho

Kwak Pom-ki

unknown — Tangsan

Kwon Kum-ryong

unknown — Chonnae

Kwon Son-hwa

unknown — Chongsong

Kwon Song-ho

unknown — Kalsan

Kwon Thae-mun

unknown — Namchon

Kwon Thae-yong

unknown — Yangji

Kye Hun-nyo

unknown — Soksa

Kye Myong-chol

unknown — Kwaksan

Kye Pong-chun

unknown — Sangwonchon

Kye Yong-sam

unknown — Unbong

Ma Won-chun

unknown — Opha

Mo Sung-kil

unknown — Tokryong

Mun Kang-sun

unknown — Yongje

Mun Kwang-il

unknown — Hungso

Mun Myong-hak

unknown — Ramjon

Mun Sang-kwon

unknown — Phungho

Mun Sok-bul

unknown — Ryukkyo

Mun Sun-hui

unknown — Songnam

Mun Ung-jo

unknown — Sinchon

Mun Yong-chol

unknown — Hoeyang

Mun Yong-son

unknown — Tonghungsan

Myong Song-chol

unknown — Musan

Nam Hong-son

unknown — Sungam

Nam Sung-u

unknown — Myongchon

Nam Yong-hwal

unknown — Chongphyong

Nam Yong-suk

unknown — Sinkye

No Kwang-chol

unknown — Hannasan

O Hye-son

unknown — Thaechon

O Il-jong

unknown — Wonju

O Jong-hui

unknown — Chinson

O Kang-chol

unknown — Thongchon

O Kuk-ryol

unknown — Chonsung

Gender male
Born 1931
wikidata Q714727
freebase /m/0dgnps8

O Kum-chol

unknown — Wiwon

O Kyong-sok

unknown — Subuk

O Mun-hyon

unknown — Chahung

O Myong-chun

unknown — Sariwon

O Ryong-thaek

unknown — Kalrimkil

O Se-kwan

unknown — Ranam

O Su-yong

unknown — Kyodong

O Yong-kon

unknown — Sunchon

O Yong-nam

unknown — Haksong

Pae Hak

unknown — Unpha

Paek Chun-ki

unknown — Kaesong

Paek Jong-sun

unknown — Phankyo

Paek Kum-sil

unknown — Sunam

Paek Kyong-sin

unknown — Raengjong

Paek On

unknown — Oeha

Paek Song-nam

unknown — Konji

Pak Chol-ho

unknown — Hyesan

Pak Chun-kon

unknown — Paeksok

Pak Chun-nam

unknown — Sondok

Pak Hyang-sim

unknown — Ponghak

Pak Hye-suk

unknown — Hyonnae

Pak Hyong-ryol

unknown — Wonam

Pak Jong-chon

unknown — Samchonkang

Pak Jong-hyon

unknown — Sujon

Pak Jong-kun

unknown — Rakchong

Pak Jong-nam

unknown — Pongchun

Pak Jong-nam

unknown — Mankyongdae

Pak Kil-nam

unknown — Okjon

Pak Kum-hui

unknown — Chosan

Pak Kun-kwang

unknown — Changdo

Pak Kyong-il

unknown — Kophung

Pak Myong-chol

unknown — Mundok

Pak Myong-kuk

unknown — Onjong

Pak Pong-ju

unknown — Cheyak

Gender male
Born 1939-10-24
wikidata Q494800
freebase /m/023570

Pak Pong-nam

unknown — Chungsin

Pak Song-sil

unknown — Sakju

Pak Su-il

unknown — Phyongchonkang

Pak Sun-kil

unknown — Kuhwa

Pak Sun-nyo

unknown — Sinanju

Pak Sung-won

unknown — Ryesankang

Pak Thae-dok

unknown — Pongsan

Pak Thae-song

unknown — Paesan

Pak To-chun

unknown — Songkan

Gender male
Born 1944-03-09
wikidata Q5367050

Pak Tong-chol

unknown — Nyongwon

Pak Tong-hak

unknown — Tumankang

Pak Tu-phil

unknown — Cholwon

Pak Ui-chun

unknown — Chuchon

Gender male
Born 1932-08-15
wikidata Q58214
freebase /m/04mzf79

Pak Un-ok

unknown — Pyoksong

Pak Yong-ae

unknown — Turu

Pak Yong-bok

unknown — Pongaksan

Pak Yong-chol

unknown — Namjong

Pak Yong-ho

unknown — Saekil

Pak Yong-jin

unknown — Chongnam

Pak Yong-sik

unknown — Ryongdae

Gender male
Born 1950
wikidata Q20671751

Pak Yong-su

unknown — Tongsin

Pang Chang-dok

unknown — Aprokkang

Pang Kang-su

unknown — Unhak

Pang Kwan-bok

unknown — Sijung

Pang Kwang-nam

unknown — Pochon

Pang Sung-son

unknown — Pothongkang

Phyo Il-sok

unknown — Soedol

Pyon In-son

unknown — Taesongsan

Pyon Kyong-hwan

unknown — Munak

Pyon Ung-kyu

unknown — Kwanphung

Pyon Won-chol

unknown — Ryangkang

Pyon Yong-sam

unknown — Kinmaul

Ra Kyong-ryong

unknown — Chuphyong

Ri Chan-hwa

unknown — Tanchon

Ri Chang-han

unknown — Sudong

Ri Chang-ryong

unknown — Chongdan

Ri Chang-sik

unknown — Nungkum

Ri Chol

unknown — Chachonkang

Ri Chol

unknown — Kasan

Ri Chol-ho

unknown — Chongryong

Ri Chol-jin

unknown — Phungyang

Ri Chol-kyu

unknown — Sinphyong

Ri Chol-man

unknown — Omkos

Ri Chun-hwa

unknown — Sapho

Ri Chun-sam

unknown — Kwangchon

Ri Hak-chol

unknown — Munchon

Ri Hak-song

unknown — Paeksa

Ri Hong-sob

unknown — Tokdal

Ri Hun-yong

unknown — Yonthan

Ri Hwa-sil

unknown — Mathan

Ri Hye-jong

unknown — Chowon

Ri Hye-suk

unknown — Samjikang

Ri Hyok

unknown — Ohang

Ri Hyon-chol

unknown — Yongjin

Ri Jae-il

unknown — Konkuk

Ri Jae-uk

unknown — Poman

Ri Je-son

unknown — Kumho

Ri Jong-bong

unknown — Panjong

Ri Jong-hyok

unknown — Sonjuk

Ri Jong-kuk

unknown — Namchang

Ri Jong-kuk

unknown — Kwasan

Ri Jong-kuk

unknown — Paekmasan

Ri Jong-mu

unknown — Holdong

Ri Jong-mun

unknown — Pokkye

Ri Jong-suk

unknown — Rangrim

Ri Kil-chun

unknown — Waudo

Ri Kil-song

unknown — Ryongsan

Ri Kuk-jun

unknown — Moranbong

Ri Kun-il

unknown — Chungsong

Ri Kwan-su

unknown — Naekumkang

Ri Kwang

unknown — Yahak

Ri Kwang-chol

unknown — Soki

Ri Kwang-kun

unknown — Minpho

Ri Kwi-ok

unknown — Mangyang

Ri Kyong-chon

unknown — Samkaksan

Ri Kyong-hwa

unknown — Phungso

Ri Kyong-il

unknown — Sonkyo

Ri Kyong-jin

unknown — Ryongmun

Ri Kyu-man

unknown — Kumya

Ri Man-kon

unknown — Phungnyon

Ri Man-song

unknown — Munhwa

Ri Mi-ok

unknown — Pulkunkori

Ri Mu-yong

unknown — Namhung

Ri Myong-chol

unknown — Ryongchon

Ri Myong-chol

unknown — Munsu

Ri Myong-kil

unknown — Changkuk

Ri Pom-kyong

unknown — Ryongban

Ri Pong-juk

unknown — Wai

Ri Pyong-chol

unknown — Odaesan

Gender male
Born 1948
wikidata Q5367054

Ri Ryong-kuk

unknown — Yuson

Ri Ryong-nam

unknown — Chungsan

Ri Sang-kwan

unknown — Puyun

Ri Sang-won

unknown — Songbong

Ri Song-hui

unknown — Ryongsong

Gender female
Born 1978-12-03
wikidata Q447861
freebase /m/07rs28

Ri Song-il

unknown — Sohwa

Ri Song-jae

unknown — Chekang

Ri Song-kuk

unknown — Unhung

Ri Song-ok

unknown — Unryul

Ri Song-sun

unknown — Pongsusan

Ri Su-yong

unknown — Muhak

Gender male
Born 1940-06-15
wikidata Q9310191

Ri Sun-sil

unknown — Osandok

Ri Sung-ho

unknown — Hwayang

Ri Thae-jin

unknown — Onsong

Ri Thae-sik

unknown — Songho

Ri Thae-sob

unknown — Sohung

Ri Tong-chun

unknown — Sinsang

Ri Ul-sol

unknown — Chukjon

Gender male
Born 1921-09-14
Died 2015-11-07
wikidata Q709705
freebase /m/0ztf5s_

Ri Wan-ho

unknown — Yongkwang

Ri Yon-hui

unknown — Phyongchon

Ri Yong

unknown — Chonphyong

Ri Yong-ae

unknown — Tongbong

Gender female
Born 1965-11-04
wikidata Q7322063

Ri Yong-chol

unknown — Sindo

Ri Yong-chol

unknown — Sambong

Ri Yong-chol

unknown — Chukchon

Ri Yong-chol

unknown — Chenam

Ri Yong-chol

unknown — Sinkok

Ri Yong-hwan

unknown — Chasongkang

Ri Yong-jin

unknown — Mannyon

Ri Yong-ju

unknown — Songwon

Ri Yong-jun

unknown — Namho

Ri Yong-kil

unknown — Kumchonkang

Ri Yong-mu

unknown — Thabje

Gender male
Born 1925-01-25
wikidata Q709884
freebase /m/0hq_jw7

Ri Yong-rae

unknown — Osongsan

Ri Yong-sik

unknown — Misan

Ri Yong-sik

unknown — Ansan

Ri Yong-su

unknown — Ryongun

Rim Kyong-man

unknown — Rajin

Rim Mun-chol

unknown — Malum

Rim Sok-bok

unknown — Kwangmyong

Rim Sun-hui

unknown — Wonnam

Rim Tok-hwa

unknown — Ribsok

Rim Tong-chol

unknown — Alil

Ro Hung-se

unknown — Kongwon

Ro Ik

unknown — Munae

Ro Ik-hwa

unknown — Hadang

Ro Kyong-jun

unknown — Kumkangsan

Ro Song-ung

unknown — Yonsa

Ro Tu-chol

unknown — Samhwa

Gender male
Born 1944
wikidata Q3434055

Ryang Chang-nam

unknown — Unpho

Ryang Pong-jin

unknown — Sakok

Ryang Su-jong

unknown — Unchon

Ryang Yong-ho

unknown — Puryong

Ryom In-yun

unknown — Chungkang

Ryu Jong-kuk

unknown — Toksam

Ryu Mi-yong

unknown — Tokhung

Gender female
Born 1921-02-14
Died 2016-11-23
wikidata Q433295
freebase /m/06zly1j

Ryu Myong-kum

unknown — Phyongam

Sim Chol-ho

unknown — Ongjin

Gender male
Born 1960-07-05
Died 2014-10
wikidata Q16163714

Sim Il-chol

unknown — Sokchon

Sim Jae-ul

unknown — Chilbongsan

Sim Kuk-ryong

unknown — Hanchon

Sim Kyong-ok

unknown — Ryonhwa

Sin Chol-ung

unknown — Kwanhae

Sin Kwan-jin

unknown — Songryong

Sin O-sun

unknown — Kwangje

Sin Pong-yong

unknown — Changphyong

Sin Pyong-kang

unknown — Hochon

Sin Sung-hun

unknown — Ponghwasan

Sin Tong-su

unknown — Sonbong

Sin Ung-sik

unknown — Haksan

So Chun-yong

unknown — Kusong

So Hong-chan

unknown — Rokdusan

So Kyong-ho

unknown — Solmoru

So Kyong-sim

unknown — Wonhwa

So Ran-hui

unknown — Sinuiju

So Sung-chol

unknown — Haechong

So Tong-myong

unknown — Cholsan

So Yong-hak

unknown — Songphyong

Sok Kil-ho

unknown — Kyongwon

Sok Won-chun

unknown — Chungnam

Son Chol-ju

unknown — Phyongkang

Son Kum-wol

unknown — Solbong

Son Kyong-nam

unknown — Unbong

Son Sok-kun

unknown — Hoechang

Song Chang-ho

unknown — Chikdong

Song Chun-sob

unknown — Sinpho

Song Hyo-nam

unknown — Sindae

Song Jong-su

unknown — Yuphyong

Song Ryong-su

unknown — Ryonjin

Song Sok-won

unknown — Somjinkang

Song Yun-hui

unknown — Mikok

Thae Hyong-chol

unknown — Taesong

Thae Jong-su

unknown — Sosang

Tokko Chang-kuk

unknown — Kapmun

Tong Hun

unknown — Kangdok

Tong Jong-ho

unknown — Songchon

Tong Yong-il

unknown — Yanghwa

U Chang-sik

unknown — Hakhyon

U Won-yong

unknown — Inpho

Won Kyong-mo

unknown — Paechon

Won To-hui

unknown — Huphyong

Won Tong-yon

unknown — Tonghyon

Yang Hyong-sob

unknown — Kaeson

Yang Sung-ho

unknown — Taean

Yo Man-hyon

unknown — Pupho

Yon Thae-jong

unknown — Kabsan

Yu Chol-u

unknown — Ryongpho

Yu Jong-sok

unknown — Namyang

Yu Kwang-jong

unknown — Hungdok

Yu Kyong-suk

unknown — Hoesang

Yun Chun-hwa

unknown — Chongsan

Yun Hyang-sil

unknown — Oksu

Yun Jae-hyok

unknown — Myongdang

Yun Je-won

unknown — Songrim

Yun Jong-rin

unknown — Kumsu

Gender male
wikidata Q9383607

Yun Man-kol

unknown — Koub

Yun Sang-bom

unknown — Changdok

Yun Sok-chon

unknown — Samma

Yun Tong-hyon

unknown — Panghyon

Yun Tu-kun

unknown — Yonha

Yun Yong-chol

unknown — Phalkol

Yun Yong-il

unknown — Songjon

Yun Yong-nam

unknown — Kuwol

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country ='North-Korea')
house = country.legislature('National-Assembly')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/13').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

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