Important Update: The EveryPolitician project is currently paused. Find out more on our blog.

Download data for politicians in this legislature.

Read more about what’s in the data and how we use CSV and JSON formats. If you’re a programmer, see our notes on how to use the data.

Data for the whole legislature

All the data we have for this legislature is available in a single JSON file (using the Popolo open standard). This includes all the terms and rich data — for example, multilingual versions of names, start and end dates of memberships, and related links.

Download as JSON

Just politicians’ names

We’ve also separated just the names into a CSV file. Note there may be multiple names for a single politician (for example, this data includes transliterations). We include the identifier too so you can identify duplicates if you need to. For more control over the data, use the JSON instead.

Download names.csv

Data for specific terms

CSV files for individual terms have simplified data for each member. This might be all you need if you’re looking for the core data on these politicians; great for spreadsheets, perfect for quick analysis.

Other countries

Want politicians who aren’t from Tanzania? No problem: we’ve got the world covered.

View all countries

Looking for a way to automatically read our data? Download a machine-readable index of all the countries (and their legislatures) we’ve got data for.

Download countries.json