102nd Congress

1991-01-06 – 1993-01-03

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Party Groupings

  • Democrat

    57 seats

  • Republican

    43 seats

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Brock Adams

Democrat — Washington

Gender male
Born 1927-01-13
Died 2004-09-10
bioguide A000031
freebase /m/03vw3c
google_entity_id kg:/m/03vw3c
govtrack 400692
lis S180

Daniel K. Akaka

Democrat — Hawaii

Gender male
Born 1924-09-11
Died 2018-04-06
bioguide A000069
freebase /m/01rbrq
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rbrq
govtrack 300001
lis S213

Max Baucus

Democrat — Montana

Gender male
Born 1941-12-11
bioguide B000243
freebase /m/01rcm2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rcm2
govtrack 300005
lis S127

Lloyd Bentsen, Jr.

Democrat — Texas

Gender male
Born 1921-02-11
Died 2006-05-23
bioguide B000401
freebase /m/01rpmr
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rpmr
govtrack 401391
lis S009

Joseph Biden, Jr.

Democrat — Delaware

Gender male
Born 1942-11-20
bioguide B000444
freebase /m/012gx2
google_entity_id kg:/m/012gx2
govtrack 300008
lis S010

Jeff Bingaman

Democrat — New Mexico

Gender male
Born 1943-10-03
bioguide B000468
freebase /m/01xck2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xck2
govtrack 300009
lis S167

Kit Bond

Republican — Missouri

Gender male
Born 1939-03-06
bioguide B000611
freebase /m/01_6h2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_6h2
govtrack 300010
lis S200

David Boren

Democrat — Oklahoma

Gender male
Born 1941-04-21
bioguide B000639
freebase /m/0bzmkx
google_entity_id kg:/m/0bzmkx
govtrack 401604
lis S128

Bill Bradley

Democrat — New Jersey

Gender male
Born 1943-07-28
bioguide B001225
freebase /m/01q8vl
google_entity_id kg:/m/01q8vl
govtrack 401709
lis S132

John Breaux

Democrat — Louisiana

Gender male
Born 1944-03-01
bioguide B000780
freebase /m/01xctw
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xctw
govtrack 300012
lis S179

Hank Brown

Republican — Colorado

Gender male
Born 1940-02-12
bioguide B000919
freebase /m/05byy0
google_entity_id kg:/m/05byy0
govtrack 401874
lis S214

Richard Bryan

Democrat — Nevada

Gender male
Born 1937-07-16
bioguide B000993
freebase /m/03j_qj
google_entity_id kg:/m/03j_qj
govtrack 400557
lis S206

Dale Bumpers

Democrat — Arkansas

Gender male
Born 1925-08-12
Died 2016-01-01
bioguide B001057
freebase /m/01rtp0
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rtp0
govtrack 402004
lis S014

Jocelyn Burdick

Democrat — North Dakota (1992-09-16 to 1992-12-14)

Gender female
Born 1922-02-06
bioguide B001076
freebase /m/04pn5n
google_entity_id kg:/m/04pn5n
govtrack 402022
lis S220

Quentin Burdick

Democrat — North Dakota (until 1992-09-08)

Gender male
Born 1908-06-19
Died 1992-09-08
bioguide B001077
freebase /m/04vllq
google_entity_id kg:/m/04vllq
govtrack 402023
lis S015

Conrad Burns

Republican — Montana

Gender male
Born 1935-01-25
Died 2016-04-28
bioguide B001126
freebase /m/0202s9
google_entity_id kg:/m/0202s9
govtrack 300015
lis S211

Robert Byrd

Democrat — West Virginia

Gender male
Born 1917-11-20
Died 2010-06-28
bioguide B001210
freebase /m/06bss
google_entity_id kg:/m/06bss
govtrack 300016
lis S017

John Chafee

Republican — Rhode Island

Gender male
Born 1922-10-22
Died 1999-10-24
bioguide C000269
freebase /m/03x00c
google_entity_id kg:/m/03x00c
govtrack 402412
lis S116

Daniel Coats

Republican — Indiana

Gender male
Born 1943-05-16
bioguide C000542
freebase /m/0jl26
google_entity_id kg:/m/0jl26
govtrack 402675
lis S212

Thad Cochran

Republican — Mississippi

Gender male
Born 1937-12-07
bioguide C000567
freebase /m/01fmcd
google_entity_id kg:/m/01fmcd
govtrack 300023
lis S136

William Cohen

Republican — Maine

Gender male
Born 1940-08-28
bioguide C000598
freebase /m/020y91
google_entity_id kg:/m/020y91
govtrack 402727
lis S137

Kent Conrad

Democrat — North Dakota (from 1992-12-15)

Gender male
Born 1948-03-12
bioguide C000705
freebase /m/021fx2
google_entity_id kg:/m/021fx2
govtrack 300026
lis S201

Larry Craig

Republican — Idaho

Gender male
Born 1945-07-20
bioguide C000858
freebase /m/021pfw
google_entity_id kg:/m/021pfw
govtrack 300029
lis S215

Alan Cranston

Democrat — California

Gender male
Born 1914-06-19
Died 2000-12-31
bioguide C000877
freebase /m/02rbm2
google_entity_id kg:/m/02rbm2
govtrack 402990
lis S023

John Danforth

Republican — Missouri

Gender male
Born 1936-09-05
bioguide D000030
freebase /m/044h4
google_entity_id kg:/m/044h4
govtrack 403171
lis S108

Tom Daschle

Democrat — South Dakota

Gender male
Born 1947-12-09
bioguide D000064
freebase /m/07lv9
google_entity_id kg:/m/07lv9
govtrack 300031
lis S185

Dennis DeConcini

Democrat — Arizona

Gender male
Born 1937-05-08
bioguide D000185
freebase /m/03mchy
google_entity_id kg:/m/03mchy
govtrack 403346
lis S102

Alan Dixon

Democrat — Illinois

Gender male
Born 1927-07-07
Died 2014-07-06
bioguide D000366
freebase /m/049q6m
google_entity_id kg:/m/049q6m
govtrack 403483
lis S149

Christopher Dodd

Democrat — Connecticut

Gender male
Born 1944-05-27
bioguide D000388
freebase /m/01xcly
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xcly
govtrack 300034
lis S150

Robert Dole

Republican — Kansas

Gender male
Born 1923-07-22
bioguide D000401
freebase /m/0fhkx
google_entity_id kg:/m/0fhkx
govtrack 403515
lis S026

Pete Domenici

Republican — New Mexico

Gender male
Born 1932-05-07
Died 2017-09-13
bioguide D000407
freebase /m/01vjn1
google_entity_id kg:/m/01vjn1
govtrack 300036
lis S027

Byron Dorgan

Democrat — North Dakota (from 1992-12-15)

Gender male
Born 1942-05-14
bioguide D000432
freebase /m/021fyn
google_entity_id kg:/m/021fyn
govtrack 300037
lis S222

David Durenberger

Republican — Minnesota

Gender male
Born 1934-08-19
bioguide D000566
freebase /m/01l4v5
google_entity_id kg:/m/01l4v5
govtrack 403669
lis S133

Alfonse D’Amato

Republican — New York

Gender male
Born 1937-08-01
bioguide D000018
freebase /m/02c9jz
google_entity_id kg:/m/02c9jz
govtrack 403142
lis S147

James Exon

Democrat — Nebraska

Gender male
Born 1921-08-09
Died 2005-06-10
bioguide E000284
freebase /m/03bw74
google_entity_id kg:/m/03bw74
govtrack 403962
lis S129

Dianne Feinstein

Democrat — California (from 1992-11-10)

Gender female
Born 1933-06-22
Phone 202-224-3841
Fax 202-228-3954
bioguide F000062
freebase /m/01gqws
google_entity_id kg:/m/01gqws
govtrack 300043
lis S221

Wendell Ford

Democrat — Kentucky

Gender male
Born 1924-09-08
Died 2015-01-22
bioguide F000268
freebase /m/02scy2
google_entity_id kg:/m/02scy2
govtrack 404219
lis S033

Wyche Fowler, Jr.

Democrat — Georgia

Gender male
Born 1940-10-06
bioguide F000329
freebase /m/03n_n0
google_entity_id kg:/m/03n_n0
govtrack 404277
lis S183

Jake Garn

Republican — Utah

Gender male
Born 1932-10-12
bioguide G000072
freebase /m/02ptw3
google_entity_id kg:/m/02ptw3
govtrack 404444
lis S034

John Glenn, Jr.

Democrat — Ohio

Gender male
Born 1921-07-18
Died 2016-12-08
bioguide G000236
freebase /m/0g0yh
google_entity_id kg:/m/0g0yh
govtrack 404598
lis S035

Albert Gore, Jr.

Democrat — Tennessee (until 1993-01-02)

Gender male
Born 1948-03-31
bioguide G000321
freebase /m/0d05fv
google_entity_id kg:/m/0d05fv
govtrack 404679
lis S170

Slade Gorton

Republican — Washington

Gender male
Born 1928-01-08
bioguide G000333
freebase /m/02_b1q
google_entity_id kg:/m/02_b1q
govtrack 400559
lis S152

Bob Graham

Democrat — Florida

Gender male
Born 1936-11-09
bioguide G000352
freebase /m/01b2yl
google_entity_id kg:/m/01b2yl
govtrack 300046
lis S199

Phil Gramm

Republican — Texas

Gender male
Born 1942-07-08
bioguide G000365
freebase /m/016l53
google_entity_id kg:/m/016l53
govtrack 300159
lis S171

Chuck Grassley

Republican — Iowa

Gender male
Born 1933-09-17
Phone 202-224-3744
Fax 202-224-6020
bioguide G000386
freebase /m/020ymy
google_entity_id kg:/m/020ymy
govtrack 300048
lis S153

Tom Harkin

Democrat — Iowa

Gender male
Born 1939-11-19
bioguide H000206
freebase /m/020ynq
google_entity_id kg:/m/020ynq
govtrack 300051
lis S172

Orrin G. Hatch

Republican — Utah

Gender male
Born 1934-03-22
Phone 202-224-5251
Fax 202-224-6331
bioguide H000338
freebase /m/016mj4
google_entity_id kg:/m/016mj4
govtrack 300052
lis S118

Mark Hatfield

Republican — Oregon

Gender male
Born 1922-07-12
Died 2011-08-07
bioguide H000343
freebase /m/01yfxl
google_entity_id kg:/m/01yfxl
govtrack 405212
lis S044

Howell Heflin

Democrat — Alabama

Gender male
Born 1921-06-19
Died 2005-03-29
bioguide H000445
freebase /m/03f2ym
google_entity_id kg:/m/03f2ym
govtrack 405310
lis S130

Henry Heinz, III

Republican — Pennsylvania (until 1991-12-31)

Gender male
Born 1938-10-23
Died 1991-04-04
bioguide H000456
freebase /m/0245tw
google_entity_id kg:/m/0245tw
govtrack 405321
lis S115

Jesse Helms

Republican — North Carolina

Gender male
Born 1921-10-18
Died 2008-07-04
bioguide H000463
freebase /m/0_5w6
google_entity_id kg:/m/0_5w6
govtrack 300154
lis S046

Fritz Hollings

Democrat — South Carolina

Gender male
Born 1922-01-01
bioguide H000725
freebase /m/0cm3v
google_entity_id kg:/m/0cm3v
govtrack 300053
lis S047

Daniel K. Inouye

Democrat — Hawaii

Gender male
Born 1924-09-07
Died 2012-12-17
bioguide I000025
freebase /m/021sv1
google_entity_id kg:/m/021sv1
govtrack 300056
lis S051

Jim Jeffords

Republican — Vermont

Gender male
Born 1934-05-11
Died 2014-08-18
bioguide J000072
freebase /m/01vcjw
google_entity_id kg:/m/01vcjw
govtrack 300057
lis S204

John Johnston, Jr.

Democrat — Louisiana

Gender male
Born 1932-06-10
bioguide J000189
freebase /m/03bfd1
google_entity_id kg:/m/03bfd1
govtrack 406084
lis S054

Nancy Kassebaum

Republican — Kansas

Gender female
Born 1932-07-29
bioguide K000017
freebase /m/021v7x
google_entity_id kg:/m/021v7x
govtrack 406188
lis S140

Robert Kasten, Jr.

Republican — Wisconsin

Gender male
Born 1942-06-19
bioguide K000019
freebase /m/03vwyr
google_entity_id kg:/m/03vwyr
govtrack 406190
lis S155

Ted Kennedy

Democrat — Massachusetts

Gender male
Born 1932-02-22
Died 2009-08-25
bioguide K000105
freebase /m/0194xc
google_entity_id kg:/m/0194xc
govtrack 300059
lis S055

Robert Kerrey

Democrat — Nebraska

Gender male
Born 1943-08-27
bioguide K000146
freebase /m/0238fl
google_entity_id kg:/m/0238fl
govtrack 400561
lis S208

John F. Kerry

Democrat — Massachusetts

Gender male
Born 1943-12-11
bioguide K000148
freebase /m/0d3qd0
google_entity_id kg:/m/0d3qd0
govtrack 300060
lis S173

Herb Kohl

Democrat — Wisconsin

Gender male
Born 1935-02-07
bioguide K000305
freebase /m/04fy4q
google_entity_id kg:/m/04fy4q
govtrack 300061
lis S209

Frank R. Lautenberg

Democrat — New Jersey

Gender male
Born 1924-01-23
Died 2013-06-03
bioguide L000123
freebase /m/01wsvs
google_entity_id kg:/m/01wsvs
govtrack 300064
lis S166

Patrick J. Leahy

Democrat — Vermont

Gender male
Born 1940-03-31
Phone 202-224-4242
Fax 202-224-3479
bioguide L000174
freebase /m/0202kf
google_entity_id kg:/m/0202kf
govtrack 300065
lis S057

Carl Levin

Democrat — Michigan

Gender male
Born 1934-06-28
bioguide L000261
freebase /m/01xh6j
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xh6j
govtrack 300066
lis S131

Joseph I. Lieberman

Democrat — Connecticut

Gender male
Born 1942-02-24
bioguide L000304
freebase /m/0jw5r
google_entity_id kg:/m/0jw5r
govtrack 300067
lis S210

Trent Lott

Republican — Mississippi

Gender male
Born 1941-10-09
bioguide L000447
freebase /m/014sn2
google_entity_id kg:/m/014sn2
govtrack 300069
lis S203

Richard G. Lugar

Republican — Indiana

Gender male
Born 1932-04-04
bioguide L000504
freebase /m/01d_bx
google_entity_id kg:/m/01d_bx
govtrack 300070
lis S105

Connie Mack, III

Republican — Florida

Gender male
Born 1940-10-29
bioguide M000019
freebase /m/02sbp6
google_entity_id kg:/m/02sbp6
govtrack 400562
lis S205

John McCain

Republican — Arizona

Gender male
Born 1936-08-29
Died 2018-08-25
bioguide M000303
freebase /m/0bymv
google_entity_id kg:/m/0bymv
govtrack 300071
lis S197

Mitch McConnell

Republican — Kentucky

Gender male
Born 1942-02-20
Phone 202-224-2541
Fax 202-224-2499
bioguide M000355
freebase /m/01z6ls
google_entity_id kg:/m/01z6ls
govtrack 300072
lis S174

Howard Metzenbaum

Democrat — Ohio

Gender male
Born 1917-06-04
Died 2008-03-12
bioguide M000678
freebase /m/034qmh
google_entity_id kg:/m/034qmh
govtrack 407663
lis S114

Barbara A. Mikulski

Democrat — Maryland

Gender female
Born 1936-07-20
bioguide M000702
freebase /m/0206nm
google_entity_id kg:/m/0206nm
govtrack 300073
lis S182

George Mitchell

Democrat — Maine

Gender male
Born 1933-08-20
bioguide M000811
freebase /m/02c643
google_entity_id kg:/m/02c643
govtrack 407786
lis S144

Daniel Moynihan

Democrat — New York

Gender male
Born 1927-03-16
Died 2003-03-26
bioguide M001054
freebase /m/01cny9
google_entity_id kg:/m/01cny9
govtrack 400563
lis S113

Frank Murkowski

Republican — Alaska

Gender male
Born 1933-03-28
bioguide M001085
freebase /m/01pdzp
google_entity_id kg:/m/01pdzp
govtrack 300150
lis S157

Don Nickles

Republican — Oklahoma

Gender male
Born 1948-12-06
bioguide N000102
freebase /m/021kpz
google_entity_id kg:/m/021kpz
govtrack 300079
lis S158

Samuel Nunn

Democrat — Georgia

Gender male
Born 1938-09-08
bioguide N000171
freebase /m/01phfy
google_entity_id kg:/m/01phfy
govtrack 408252
lis S074

Robert Packwood

Republican — Oregon

Gender male
Born 1932-09-11
bioguide P000009
freebase /m/020ylv
google_entity_id kg:/m/020ylv
govtrack 408420
lis S075

Claiborne Pell

Democrat — Rhode Island

Gender male
Born 1918-11-22
Died 2009-01-01
bioguide P000193
freebase /m/01s7lb
google_entity_id kg:/m/01s7lb
govtrack 408597
lis S078

Larry Pressler

Republican — South Dakota

Gender male
Born 1942-03-29
bioguide P000513
freebase /m/039zzw
google_entity_id kg:/m/039zzw
govtrack 408898
lis S141

David Pryor

Democrat — Arkansas

Gender male
Born 1934-08-29
bioguide P000556
freebase /m/01rx33
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rx33
govtrack 408939
lis S125

Harry Reid

Democrat — Nevada

Gender male
Born 1939-12-02
bioguide R000146
freebase /m/0204x1
google_entity_id kg:/m/0204x1
govtrack 300082
lis S198

Donald Riegle, Jr.

Democrat — Michigan

Gender male
Born 1938-02-04
bioguide R000249
freebase /m/02n9jh
google_entity_id kg:/m/02n9jh
govtrack 409225
lis S107

Charles Robb

Democrat — Virginia

Gender male
Born 1939-06-26
bioguide R000295
freebase /m/02bvhm
google_entity_id kg:/m/02bvhm
govtrack 400564
lis S207

John D. Rockefeller, IV

Democrat — West Virginia

Gender male
Born 1937-06-18
bioguide R000361
freebase /m/01xmnh
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xmnh
govtrack 300084
lis S176

William Roth, Jr.

Republican — Delaware

Gender male
Born 1921-07-22
Died 2003-12-13
bioguide R000460
freebase /m/023xsb
google_entity_id kg:/m/023xsb
govtrack 400565
lis S083

Warren Rudman

Republican — New Hampshire

Gender male
Born 1930-05-18
Died 2012-11-19
bioguide R000497
freebase /m/02jf8q
google_entity_id kg:/m/02jf8q
govtrack 409456
lis S160

James Sanford

Democrat — North Carolina

Gender male
Born 1917-08-20
Died 1998-04-18
bioguide S000055
freebase /m/026pyf
google_entity_id kg:/m/026pyf
govtrack 409562
lis S178

Paul Sarbanes

Democrat — Maryland

Gender male
Born 1933-02-03
bioguide S000064
freebase /m/0206p0
google_entity_id kg:/m/0206p0
govtrack 300086
lis S106

James Sasser

Democrat — Tennessee

Gender male
Born 1936-09-30
bioguide S000068
freebase /m/036nrl
google_entity_id kg:/m/036nrl
govtrack 409580
lis S117

John Seymour

Republican — California (from 1991-01-07)

Gender male
Born 1937-12-03
bioguide S000269
freebase /m/03m7hb
google_entity_id kg:/m/03m7hb
govtrack 409770
lis S218

Richard C. Shelby

Democrat — Alabama

Gender male
Born 1934-05-06
Phone 202-224-5744
Fax 202-224-3416
bioguide S000320
freebase /m/020yj1
google_entity_id kg:/m/020yj1
govtrack 300089
lis S184

Paul Simon

Democrat — Illinois

Gender male
Born 1928-11-29
Died 2003-12-09
bioguide S000423
freebase /m/0236v1
google_entity_id kg:/m/0236v1
govtrack 409917
lis S175

Alan Simpson

Republican — Wyoming

Gender male
Born 1931-09-02
bioguide S000429
freebase /m/03f_3t
google_entity_id kg:/m/03f_3t
govtrack 409923
lis S142

Bob Smith

Republican — New Hampshire

Gender male
Born 1941-03-30
bioguide S000606
freebase /m/02lz3h
google_entity_id kg:/m/02lz3h
govtrack 300155
lis S216

Arlen Specter

Republican — Pennsylvania

Gender male
Born 1930-02-12
Died 2012-10-14
bioguide S000709
freebase /m/0204ym
google_entity_id kg:/m/0204ym
govtrack 300092
lis S161

Ted Stevens

Republican — Alaska

Gender male
Born 1923-11-18
Died 2010-08-09
bioguide S000888
freebase /m/018r3g
google_entity_id kg:/m/018r3g
govtrack 300094
lis S090

Steven Symms

Republican — Idaho

Gender male
Born 1938-04-23
bioguide S001138
freebase /m/05tcnp
google_entity_id kg:/m/05tcnp
govtrack 410588
lis S162

Strom Thurmond

Republican — South Carolina

Gender male
Born 1902-12-05
Died 2003-06-26
bioguide T000254
freebase /m/0c4_l
google_entity_id kg:/m/0c4_l
govtrack 300157
lis S096

Malcolm Wallop

Republican — Wyoming

Gender male
Born 1933-02-27
Died 2011-09-14
bioguide W000092
freebase /m/05bz0l
google_entity_id kg:/m/05bz0l
govtrack 411271
lis S119

John Warner

Republican — Virginia

Gender male
Born 1927-02-18
bioguide W000154
freebase /m/01w8b5
google_entity_id kg:/m/01w8b5
govtrack 300099
lis S143

Paul Wellstone

Democrat — Minnesota

Gender male
Born 1944-07-21
Died 2002-10-25
bioguide W000288
freebase /m/010ngb
google_entity_id kg:/m/010ngb
govtrack 400566
lis S217

Pete Wilson

Republican — California (until 1991-12-31)

Gender male
Born 1933-08-23
bioguide W000607
freebase /m/01ychc
google_entity_id kg:/m/01ychc
govtrack 411762
lis S165

Timothy Wirth

Democrat — Colorado

Gender male
Born 1939-09-22
bioguide W000647
freebase /m/0g8dy
google_entity_id kg:/m/0g8dy
govtrack 411801
lis S181

Harris Wofford

Democrat — Pennsylvania (from 1991-05-08)

Gender male
Born 1926-04-09
bioguide W000665
freebase /m/038445
google_entity_id kg:/m/038445
govtrack 411818
lis S219

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country = Everypolitician::Index.new.country('United-States-of-America')
house = country.legislature('Senate')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/102').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{membership.person.name} (#{membership.party.name}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

Main Sources: https://github.com/unitedstates/congress-legislators, http://wikidata.org/, http://gender-balance.org/

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