112th Congress

2011-01-06 – 2013-01-03

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Party Groupings

  • Democrat

    51 seats

  • Republican

    46 seats

  • Independent

    2 seats

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Daniel K. Akaka

Democrat — Hawaii

Gender male
Born 1924-09-11
Died 2018-04-06
bioguide A000069
cspan 8704
fec S0HI00084
freebase /m/01rbrq
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rbrq

Lamar Alexander

Republican — Tennessee

Gender male
Born 1940-07-03
Phone 202-224-4944
Fax 202-228-3398
bioguide A000360
cspan 5
fec S2TN00058;P60003225
freebase /m/01rbs3
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rbs3

Kelly Ayotte

Republican — New Hampshire

Gender female
Born 1968-06-27
bioguide A000368
cspan 95241
fec S0NH00235
freebase /m/0g9g4r
google_entity_id kg:/m/0g9g4r

John Barrasso

Republican — Wyoming

Gender male
Born 1952-07-21
Phone 202-224-6441
Fax 202-224-1724
bioguide B001261
cspan 1024777
fec S6WY00068
freebase /m/02rsm32
google_entity_id kg:/m/02rsm32

Max Baucus

Democrat — Montana

Gender male
Born 1941-12-11
bioguide B000243
cspan 1727
fec S8MT00010
freebase /m/01rcm2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rcm2

Mark Begich

Democrat — Alaska

Gender male
Born 1962-03-30
bioguide B001265
cspan 1030732
fec S8AK00090
freebase /m/05pqtr
google_entity_id kg:/m/05pqtr

Michael F. Bennet

Democrat — Colorado

Gender male
Born 1964-11-28
Phone 202-224-5852
Fax 202-228-5097
bioguide B001267
cspan 1031622
fec S0CO00211
freebase /m/05b60qf
google_entity_id kg:/m/05b60qf

Jeff Bingaman

Democrat — New Mexico

Gender male
Born 1943-10-03
bioguide B000468
cspan 590
fec S2NM00021
freebase /m/01xck2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xck2

Richard Blumenthal

Democrat — Connecticut

Gender male
Born 1946-02-13
Phone 202-224-2823
Fax 202-224-9673
bioguide B001277
cspan 21799
fec S0CT00177
freebase /m/03tg8m
google_entity_id kg:/m/03tg8m

Roy Blunt

Republican — Missouri

Gender male
Born 1950-01-10
Phone 202-224-5721
Fax 202-224-8149
bioguide B000575
cspan 45465
fec H6MO07128;S0MO00183
freebase /m/034fn4
google_entity_id kg:/m/034fn4

John Boozman

Republican — Arkansas

Gender male
Born 1950-12-10
Phone 202-224-4843
Fax 202-228-1371
bioguide B001236
cspan 92069
fec H2AR03176;S0AR00150
freebase /m/024s3v
google_entity_id kg:/m/024s3v

Barbara Boxer

Democrat — California

Gender female
Born 1940-11-11
bioguide B000711
cspan 2470
fec S2CA00286;H2CA06028;P80003247
freebase /m/01c1n5
google_entity_id kg:/m/01c1n5

Scott P. Brown

Republican — Massachusetts

Gender male
Born 1959-09-12
bioguide B001268
cspan 9266532
fec S0MA00109
freebase /m/0bmg6w
google_entity_id kg:/m/0bmg6w

Sherrod Brown

Democrat — Ohio

Gender male
Born 1952-11-09
Phone 202-224-2315
Fax 202-228-6321
bioguide B000944
cspan 5051
fec H2OH13033;S6OH00163
freebase /m/034s80
google_entity_id kg:/m/034s80

Richard Burr

Republican — North Carolina

Gender male
Born 1955-11-30
Phone 202-224-3154
Fax 202-228-2981
bioguide B001135
cspan 31054
fec S4NC00089;H2NC05074
freebase /m/03g_s9
google_entity_id kg:/m/03g_s9

Maria Cantwell

Democrat — Washington

Gender female
Born 1958-10-13
Phone 202-224-3441
Fax 202-228-0514
bioguide C000127
cspan 26137
fec S8WA00194;H2WA01054
freebase /m/01x68t
google_entity_id kg:/m/01x68t

Benjamin L. Cardin

Democrat — Maryland

Gender male
Born 1943-10-05
Phone 202-224-4524
Fax 202-224-1651
bioguide C000141
cspan 4004
fec H6MD03177;S6MD03177
freebase /m/025k3k
google_entity_id kg:/m/025k3k

Thomas R. Carper

Democrat — Delaware

Gender male
Born 1947-01-23
Phone 202-224-2441
Fax 202-228-2190
bioguide C000174
cspan 663
fec S8DE00079
freebase /m/01xw7t
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xw7t

Robert P. Casey, Jr.

Democrat — Pennsylvania

Gender male
Born 1960-04-13
Phone 202-224-6324
Fax 202-228-0604
bioguide C001070
cspan 47036
fec S6PA00217
freebase /m/047ymw
google_entity_id kg:/m/047ymw

Saxby Chambliss

Republican — Georgia

Gender male
Born 1943-11-10
bioguide C000286
cspan 36571
fec S2GA00118;H2GA08038
freebase /m/01xcms
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xcms

Daniel Coats

Republican — Indiana

Gender male
Born 1943-05-16
bioguide C000542
cspan 6080
fec S0IN00053
freebase /m/0jl26
google_entity_id kg:/m/0jl26

Tom Coburn

Republican — Oklahoma

Gender male
Born 1948-03-14
bioguide C000560
cspan 36751
fec S4OK00174;H4OK02048
freebase /m/03wnjr
google_entity_id kg:/m/03wnjr

Thad Cochran

Republican — Mississippi

Gender male
Born 1937-12-07
bioguide C000567
cspan 1200
fec S8MS00055
freebase /m/01fmcd
google_entity_id kg:/m/01fmcd

Susan M. Collins

Republican — Maine

Gender female
Born 1952-12-07
Phone 202-224-2523
Fax 202-224-2693
bioguide C001035
cspan 45738
fec S6ME00159
freebase /m/020y8m
google_entity_id kg:/m/020y8m

Kent Conrad

Democrat — North Dakota

Gender male
Born 1948-03-12
bioguide C000705
cspan 2517
fec S6ND00058
freebase /m/021fx2
google_entity_id kg:/m/021fx2

Christopher A. Coons

Democrat — Delaware

Gender male
Born 1963-09-09
Phone 202-224-5042
Fax 202-228-3075
bioguide C001088
cspan 9269028
fec S0DE00092
freebase /m/082d3d
google_entity_id kg:/m/082d3d

Bob Corker

Republican — Tennessee

Gender male
Born 1952-08-24
bioguide C001071
cspan 1021114
fec S6TN00216;S4TN00187
freebase /m/0d9fz3
google_entity_id kg:/m/0d9fz3

John Cornyn

Republican — Texas

Gender male
Born 1952-02-02
Phone 202-224-2934
Fax 202-228-2856
bioguide C001056
cspan 93131
fec S2TX00106
freebase /m/01xcqs
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xcqs

Mike Crapo

Republican — Idaho

Gender male
Born 1951-05-20
Phone 202-224-6142
Fax 202-228-1375
bioguide C000880
cspan 26440
fec S8ID00027;H2ID02034
freebase /m/021pgp
google_entity_id kg:/m/021pgp

Jim DeMint

Republican — South Carolina (until 2013-01-01)

Gender male
Born 1951-09-02
bioguide D000595
cspan 57895
fec S4SC00083
freebase /m/02v30g
google_entity_id kg:/m/02v30g

Richard J. Durbin

Democrat — Illinois

Gender male
Born 1944-11-21
Phone 202-224-2152
Fax 202-228-0400
bioguide D000563
cspan 6741
fec S6IL00151;H2IL20026
freebase /m/01xcd1
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xcd1

John Ensign

Republican — Nevada (until 2011-05-03)

Gender male
Born 1958-03-25
bioguide E000194
cspan 37076
fec S8NV00073
freebase /m/0204wp
google_entity_id kg:/m/0204wp

Michael B. Enzi

Republican — Wyoming

Gender male
Born 1944-02-01
Phone 202-224-3424
Fax 202-228-0359
bioguide E000285
cspan 45824
fec S6WY00126
freebase /m/021ph1
google_entity_id kg:/m/021ph1

Dianne Feinstein

Democrat — California

Gender female
Born 1933-06-22
Phone 202-224-3841
Fax 202-228-3954
bioguide F000062
cspan 13061
fec S0CA00199
freebase /m/01gqws
google_entity_id kg:/m/01gqws

Al Franken

Democrat — Minnesota

Gender male
Born 1951-05-21
bioguide F000457
cspan 23334
fec S8MN00438
freebase /m/01lct6
google_entity_id kg:/m/01lct6

Kirsten E. Gillibrand

Democrat — New York

Gender female
Born 1966-12-09
Phone 202-224-4451
Fax 202-228-0282
bioguide G000555
cspan 1022862
fec H6NY20167;S0NY00410
freebase /m/0gnfc4
google_entity_id kg:/m/0gnfc4

Lindsey Graham

Republican — South Carolina

Gender male
Born 1955-07-09
Phone 202-224-5972
Fax 202-224-3808
bioguide G000359
cspan 36782
fec S0SC00149;H4SC03087
freebase /m/01_pdg
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_pdg

Chuck Grassley

Republican — Iowa

Gender male
Born 1933-09-17
Phone 202-224-3744
Fax 202-224-6020
bioguide G000386
cspan 1167
fec S0IA00028
freebase /m/020ymy
google_entity_id kg:/m/020ymy

Kay R. Hagan

Democrat — North Carolina

Gender female
Born 1953-05-26
bioguide H001049
cspan 1028015
fec S8NC00239
freebase /m/02b56f
google_entity_id kg:/m/02b56f

Tom Harkin

Democrat — Iowa

Gender male
Born 1939-11-19
bioguide H000206
cspan 2005
fec S4IA00020;P20000741
freebase /m/020ynq
google_entity_id kg:/m/020ynq

Orrin G. Hatch

Republican — Utah

Gender male
Born 1934-03-22
bioguide H000338
cspan 189
fec S6UT00063;P00003806
freebase /m/016mj4
google_entity_id kg:/m/016mj4

Dean Heller

Republican — Nevada (from 2011-05-09)

Gender male
Born 1960-05-10
bioguide H001041
cspan 1012368
fec H6NV02164;S2NV00183
freebase /m/0g92xz
google_entity_id kg:/m/0g92xz

John Hoeven

Republican — North Dakota

Gender male
Born 1957-03-13
Phone 202-224-2551
Fax 202-224-7999
bioguide H001061
cspan 85233
fec S0ND00093
freebase /m/01qb45
google_entity_id kg:/m/01qb45

Kay Bailey Hutchison

Republican — Texas

Gender female
Born 1943-07-22
bioguide H001016
cspan 24713
fec S4TX00086
freebase /m/02050j
google_entity_id kg:/m/02050j

James M. Inhofe

Republican — Oklahoma

Gender male
Born 1934-11-17
Phone 202-224-4721
Fax 202-228-0380
bioguide I000024
cspan 5619
fec S4OK00083;H6OK01102
freebase /m/021kpl
google_entity_id kg:/m/021kpl

Daniel K. Inouye

Democrat — Hawaii (until 2012-12-17)

Gender male
Born 1924-09-07
Died 2012-12-17
bioguide I000025
cspan 2568
fec S4HI00011
freebase /m/021sv1
google_entity_id kg:/m/021sv1

Johnny Isakson

Republican — Georgia

Gender male
Born 1944-12-28
Phone 202-224-3643
Fax 202-228-0724
bioguide I000055
cspan 59135
fec S6GA00119;H8GA06146
freebase /m/02556q
google_entity_id kg:/m/02556q

Mike Johanns

Republican — Nebraska

Gender male
Born 1950-06-18
bioguide J000291
cspan 56552
fec S8NE00117
freebase /m/02722_
google_entity_id kg:/m/02722_

Ron Johnson

Republican — Wisconsin

Gender male
Born 1955-04-08
Phone 202-224-5323
Fax 920-230-7262
bioguide J000293
cspan 62835
fec S0WI00197
freebase /m/0cmdpzc
google_entity_id kg:/m/0cmdpzc

Tim Johnson

Democrat — South Dakota

Gender male
Born 1946-12-28
bioguide J000177
cspan 2545
fec S6SD00051;H6SD00044
freebase /m/01xwcp
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xwcp

John F. Kerry

Democrat — Massachusetts

Gender male
Born 1943-12-11
bioguide K000148
cspan 1485
fec S4MA00069
freebase /m/0d3qd0
google_entity_id kg:/m/0d3qd0

Mark Kirk

Republican — Illinois

Gender male
Born 1959-09-15
bioguide K000360
cspan 85221
fec H0IL10120;S0IL00261
freebase /m/0256rr
google_entity_id kg:/m/0256rr

Amy Klobuchar

Democrat — Minnesota

Gender female
Born 1960-05-25
Phone 202-224-3244
Fax 202-228-2186
bioguide K000367
cspan 83701
fec S6MN00267
freebase /m/05fbpt
google_entity_id kg:/m/05fbpt

Herb Kohl

Democrat — Wisconsin

Gender male
Born 1935-02-07
bioguide K000305
cspan 4030
fec S6WI00061
freebase /m/04fy4q
google_entity_id kg:/m/04fy4q

Jon Kyl

Republican — Arizona

Gender male
Born 1942-04-25
bioguide K000352
cspan jonkyl
fec S4AZ00030
freebase /m/01y0mp
google_entity_id kg:/m/01y0mp

Mary L. Landrieu

Democrat — Louisiana

Gender female
Born 1955-11-23
bioguide L000550
cspan 22357
fec S6LA00227;P00003483
freebase /m/019tyn
google_entity_id kg:/m/019tyn

Frank R. Lautenberg

Democrat — New Jersey

Gender male
Born 1924-01-23
Died 2013-06-03
bioguide L000123
cspan 2515
fec S2NJ00080
freebase /m/01wsvs
google_entity_id kg:/m/01wsvs

Patrick J. Leahy

Democrat — Vermont

Gender male
Born 1940-03-31
Phone 202-224-4242
Fax 202-224-3479
bioguide L000174
cspan 1552
fec S4VT00017
freebase /m/0202kf
google_entity_id kg:/m/0202kf

Mike Lee

Republican — Utah

Gender male
Born 1971-06-04
Phone 202-224-5444
bioguide L000577
cspan 9267977
fec S0UT00165
freebase /m/09v5q9x
google_entity_id kg:/m/09v5q9x

Carl Levin

Democrat — Michigan

Gender male
Born 1934-06-28
bioguide L000261
cspan 2592
fec S8MI00158
freebase /m/01xh6j
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xh6j

Joseph I. Lieberman

Independent — Connecticut

Gender male
Born 1942-02-24
bioguide L000304
cspan 4363
fec S8CT00022
freebase /m/0jw5r
google_entity_id kg:/m/0jw5r

Richard G. Lugar

Republican — Indiana

Gender male
Born 1932-04-04
bioguide L000504
cspan 255
fec S4IN00014
freebase /m/01d_bx
google_entity_id kg:/m/01d_bx

Joe Manchin, III

Democrat — West Virginia

Gender male
Born 1947-08-24
Phone 202-224-3954
Fax 202-228-0002
bioguide M001183
cspan 62864
fec S0WV00090
freebase /m/04lc5t
google_entity_id kg:/m/04lc5t

John McCain

Republican — Arizona

Gender male
Born 1936-08-29
Died 2018-08-25
bioguide M000303
cspan 7476
fec S6AZ00019;P80002801
freebase /m/0bymv
google_entity_id kg:/m/0bymv

Claire McCaskill

Democrat — Missouri

Gender female
Born 1953-07-24
bioguide M001170
cspan 44501
fec S6MO00305;P80005721
freebase /m/040_w4
google_entity_id kg:/m/040_w4

Mitch McConnell

Republican — Kentucky

Gender male
Born 1942-02-20
Phone 202-224-2541
Fax 202-224-2499
bioguide M000355
cspan 2351
fec S2KY00012
freebase /m/01z6ls
google_entity_id kg:/m/01z6ls

Robert Menendez

Democrat — New Jersey

Gender male
Born 1954-01-01
Phone 202-224-4744
Fax 202-228-2197
bioguide M000639
cspan 29608
fec H2NJ13075;S6NJ00289
freebase /m/033d3p
google_entity_id kg:/m/033d3p

Jeff Merkley

Democrat — Oregon

Gender male
Born 1956-10-24
Phone 202-224-3753
Fax 202-228-3997
bioguide M001176
cspan 1029842
fec S8OR00207
freebase /m/026k60f
google_entity_id kg:/m/026k60f

Barbara A. Mikulski

Democrat — Maryland

Gender female
Born 1936-07-20
bioguide M000702
cspan 1396
fec S6MD00140
freebase /m/0206nm
google_entity_id kg:/m/0206nm

Jerry Moran

Republican — Kansas

Gender male
Born 1954-05-29
Phone 202-224-6521
Fax 202-228-6966
bioguide M000934
cspan 45469
fec H6KS01096;S0KS00091
freebase /m/024s8t
google_entity_id kg:/m/024s8t

Lisa Murkowski

Republican — Alaska

Gender female
Born 1957-05-22
Phone 202-224-6665
Fax 202-224-5301
bioguide M001153
cspan 1004138
fec S4AK00099
freebase /m/0202kt
google_entity_id kg:/m/0202kt

Patty Murray

Democrat — Washington

Gender female
Born 1950-10-11
Phone 202-224-2621
Fax 202-224-0238
bioguide M001111
cspan 25277
fec S2WA00189
freebase /m/018qx5
google_entity_id kg:/m/018qx5

Ben Nelson

Democrat — Nebraska

Gender male
Born 1941-05-17
bioguide N000180
cspan 16991
fec S6NE00095
freebase /m/01_pcc
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_pcc

Bill Nelson

Democrat — Florida

Gender male
Born 1942-09-29
bioguide N000032
cspan 1931
fec S8FL00166
freebase /m/01_pb_
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_pb_

Rand Paul

Republican — Kentucky

Gender male
Born 1963-01-07
Phone 202-224-4343
Fax 202-228-1373
bioguide P000603
cspan 9265241
fec S0KY00156
freebase /m/05pdb7q
google_entity_id kg:/m/05pdb7q

Rob Portman

Republican — Ohio

Gender male
Born 1955-12-19
Phone 202-224-3353
Fax 202-224-9075
bioguide P000449
cspan 31819
fec S0OH00133;H4OH02032
freebase /m/0343xg
google_entity_id kg:/m/0343xg

Mark L. Pryor

Democrat — Arkansas

Gender male
Born 1963-01-10
bioguide P000590
cspan 1002201
fec S0AR00028
freebase /m/01gb3p
google_entity_id kg:/m/01gb3p

Jack Reed

Democrat — Rhode Island

Gender male
Born 1949-11-12
Phone 202-224-4642
Fax 202-224-4680
bioguide R000122
cspan 24239
fec S6RI00163;H0RI02071
freebase /m/0202mc
google_entity_id kg:/m/0202mc

Harry Reid

Democrat — Nevada

Gender male
Born 1939-12-02
bioguide R000146
cspan 1683
fec S6NV00028
freebase /m/0204x1
google_entity_id kg:/m/0204x1

James E. Risch

Republican — Idaho

Gender male
Born 1943-05-03
Phone 202-224-2752
Fax 202-224-2573
bioguide R000584
cspan 1020034
fec S8ID00092
freebase /m/06y9p0
google_entity_id kg:/m/06y9p0

Pat Roberts

Republican — Kansas

Gender male
Born 1936-04-20
Phone 202-224-4774
Fax 202-224-3514
bioguide R000307
cspan 16354
fec S6KS00080;H0KS01016
freebase /m/01_pdv
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_pdv

John D. Rockefeller, IV

Democrat — West Virginia

Gender male
Born 1937-06-18
bioguide R000361
cspan 1238
fec S4WV00027
freebase /m/01xmnh
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xmnh

Marco Rubio

Republican — Florida

Gender male
Born 1971-05-28
Phone 202-224-3041
Fax 202-228-0285
bioguide R000595
cspan 87599
fec S0FL00338
freebase /m/0dpr5f
google_entity_id kg:/m/0dpr5f

Bernard Sanders

Independent — Vermont

Gender male
Born 1941-09-08
Phone 202-224-5141
Fax 202-228-0776
bioguide S000033
cspan 994
fec H8VT01016;S4VT00033
freebase /m/01_gbv
google_entity_id kg:/m/01_gbv

Brian Schatz

Democrat — Hawaii (from 2012-12-27)

Gender male
Born 1972-10-20
Phone 202-224-3934
Fax 202-228-1153
bioguide S001194
cspan 87784
fec S4HI00136;H6HI02244
freebase /m/0dd109
google_entity_id kg:/m/0dd109

Charles E. Schumer

Democrat — New York

Gender male
Born 1950-11-23
Phone 202-224-6542
Fax 202-228-3027
bioguide S000148
cspan 5929
fec S8NY00082;H0NY16010
freebase /m/01w74d
google_entity_id kg:/m/01w74d

Jeff Sessions

Republican — Alabama

Gender male
Born 1946-12-24
bioguide S001141
cspan 44441
fec S6AL00195
freebase /m/020yjg
google_entity_id kg:/m/020yjg

Jeanne Shaheen

Democrat — New Hampshire

Gender female
Born 1947-01-28
Phone 202-224-2841
Fax 202-228-3194
bioguide S001181
cspan 22850
fec S0NH00219
freebase /m/01rrm2
google_entity_id kg:/m/01rrm2

Richard C. Shelby

Republican — Alabama

Gender male
Born 1934-05-06
Phone 202-224-5744
Fax 202-224-3416
bioguide S000320
cspan 1859
fec S6AL00013
freebase /m/020yj1
google_entity_id kg:/m/020yj1

Olympia J. Snowe

Republican — Maine

Gender female
Born 1947-02-21
bioguide S000663
cspan olympiasnowe
fec S4ME00055
freebase /m/020yg2
google_entity_id kg:/m/020yg2

Debbie Stabenow

Democrat — Michigan

Gender female
Born 1950-04-29
Phone 202-224-4822
Fax 202-228-0325
bioguide S000770
cspan 45451
fec S8MI00281;H6MI08163
freebase /m/01xh64
google_entity_id kg:/m/01xh64

Jon Tester

Democrat — Montana

Gender male
Born 1956-08-21
Phone 202-224-2644
Fax 202-224-8594
bioguide T000464
cspan 1020176
fec S6MT00162
freebase /m/066cdp
google_entity_id kg:/m/066cdp

John Thune

Republican — South Dakota

Gender male
Born 1961-01-07
Phone 202-224-2321
Fax 202-228-5429
bioguide T000250
cspan 45552
fec S2SD00068;H6SD00085
freebase /m/03ybyn
google_entity_id kg:/m/03ybyn

Patrick J. Toomey

Republican — Pennsylvania

Gender male
Born 1961-11-17
Phone 202-224-4254
Fax 202-228-0284
bioguide T000461
cspan 7958
fec S4PA00121;H8PA15096
freebase /m/02_kk7
google_entity_id kg:/m/02_kk7

Mark Udall

Democrat — Colorado

Gender male
Born 1950-07-18
bioguide U000038
cspan 7634
fec H8CO02087;S8CO00172
freebase /m/024zbx
google_entity_id kg:/m/024zbx

Tom Udall

Democrat — New Mexico

Gender male
Born 1948-05-18
Phone 202-224-6621
Fax 202-228-3261
bioguide U000039
cspan 10075
fec H8NM03097;S8NM00184
freebase /m/033t35
google_entity_id kg:/m/033t35

David Vitter

Republican — Louisiana

Gender male
Born 1961-05-03
bioguide V000127
cspan 60672
fec S4LA00057;H0LA01079
freebase /m/025jr2
google_entity_id kg:/m/025jr2

Mark R. Warner

Democrat — Virginia

Gender male
Born 1954-12-15
Phone 202-224-2023
Fax 202-224-6295
bioguide W000805
cspan 7630
fec S6VA00093;P80003023
freebase /m/024mm1
google_entity_id kg:/m/024mm1

Jim Webb

Democrat — Virginia

Gender male
Born 1946-02-09
bioguide W000803
cspan 1914
fec S6VA00127
freebase /m/0574xy
google_entity_id kg:/m/0574xy

Sheldon Whitehouse

Democrat — Rhode Island

Gender male
Born 1955-10-20
Phone 202-224-2921
Fax 202-228-6362
bioguide W000802
cspan 92235
fec S6RI00221
freebase /m/07qw94
google_entity_id kg:/m/07qw94

Roger F. Wicker

Republican — Mississippi

Gender male
Born 1951-07-05
Phone 202-224-6253
Fax 202-228-0378
bioguide W000437
cspan 18203
fec H4MS01078;S8MS00196
freebase /m/025xxb
google_entity_id kg:/m/025xxb

Ron Wyden

Democrat — Oregon

Gender male
Born 1949-05-03
Phone 202-224-5244
Fax 202-228-2717
bioguide W000779
cspan 1962
fec S6OR00110;H0OR03026
freebase /m/0178p9
google_entity_id kg:/m/0178p9

Ruby programmer? It’s easy to use this data in your own app! Use the gem like this:

require 'everypolitician'
country = Everypolitician::Index.new.country('United-States-of-America')
house = country.legislature('Senate')
house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/112').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{membership.person.name} (#{membership.party.name}): #{membership.person.gender}"

Libraries also available in Python and PHP.

Main Sources: https://github.com/unitedstates/congress-legislators, http://wikidata.org/, http://gender-balance.org/

Anything wrong? If you've spotted an error, or the data is incomplete, here's how to get that fixed.