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2012-04-20 – current

Party Groupings

  • unknown

    40 seats

  • APRC

    12 seats

  • Independent Candidate

    1 seat

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Abdou Colley

unknown — Kombo South

Abdoulie Bojang


Born 1960-02-17

Abdoulie Kanaji Jawla

unknown — Sandu

Born 1956-11-11

Abdoulie Saine

unknown — Banjul Central

Born 1955-11-19

Ablie Suku Sighateh

unknown — Lower Baddibu

Born 1970-02-10

Ahmad Malick Njie

unknown — Upper Fulladu West

Alh. Kasum Jallow

unknown — Wuli West

Alh. Seedy S.K. Njie


Born 1984-10-06

Alhagi Matarr Kujabi

APRC — Foni Bondali

Born 1969-05-11

Alhagi Sillah

APRC — Banjul North

Born 1955-01-07

Alhasana Bojang

unknown — Kombo East

Amadou Khan

unknown — Jokadu

Babou Gaye Sonko


Babucarr S Nyang

APRC — Banjul South

Bafaye Saidykhan

APRC — Jarra East

Born 1971-06-01

Bintanding Jarju


Born 1957-04-10

Bora B Mass

APRC — Kiang East

Born 1972-04-12

Borrie L.S.B.Kolley

unknown — Foni Jarrol

Buba A. Bojang

unknown — Foni Kansala

Buba Ayi Sanneh

unknown — Kombo Central

Bubacarr S. Fadera

unknown — Kiang Centeral

Demba B.T. Sambou

unknown — Niani

Ebrima Jammeh

Independent Candidate — Foni Bintang

Born 1972-01-15

Fabakary Tombong Jatta

APRC — Serrekunda East

Born 1952-11-16

Fatou Mbye


Born 1954-06-07

Foday A. Jallow

APRC — Niamina East

Born 1975-07-22

Foday Jibani Manka

APRC — Janjanbureh

Born 1946-11-20

Habiboulie K. Jawo

unknown — Jimara

Habsana Jallow

unknown — Nianija

Haddy Nyang Jagne

APRC — Jeswang

Born 1960-04-10

Kalifa B Jammeh

unknown — Bakau

Born 1963-08-01

Lamin Hydara

unknown — Jarra central

Lamin Jadama

APRC — Niamina West

Born 1963-01-01

Lamin Kebba Jammeh

unknown — Illiassa

Born 1963-02-18

Muhammed Magassy

unknown — Basse

Netty Baldeh

unknown — Tumana

Njai Daboe

unknown — Jarra West

Omar Cherno Jallow

unknown — Upper Niumi

Born 1959-08-07

Omar Tobb

unknown — Lower Fulladu West

Ousainou Sainey Jaiteh

APRC — Serrekunda Central

Ousman Bah

APRC — Sabach Sanjal

Born 1969-09-20

Ousman Njie

unknown — Sami

Pa Lamin Jatta

unknown — Kombo North

Pa Malick Ceesay

unknown — Lower Saloum

Rtd. Cpt. Lamin Saine


Saidou V. Sabally

unknown — Wulli East

Born 1968-10-27

Saikou Susso

unknown — Kantora

Born 1959-11-10

Sainey Mbye

unknown — Upper Saloum

Born 1973-04-20

Samba Jallow

unknown — Niamina Dankunku

Samba cham

unknown — Central Baddibu

Sheriff M. Hydara

unknown — lower Nuimi

Sulayman Joof

unknown — Serrekunda West

Born 1945-01-15

Yaya Dibba

unknown — Kiang West

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house.popolo.terms.find_by(id: 'term/2012').memberships.each do |membership|
  puts "#{} (#{}): #{membership.person.gender}"

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